Black DogsCredit: By Gmcbjames (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

3D figurines make the top of a cake or cupcake look professionally decorated. One cute way to top a cake or cupcake is to make puppy sculptures from fondant. Puppies are some of the most basic 3D designs you can make on a cake, and it is an ideal project for beginners. Make the puppies a day in advance so they have time to harden before you place them on the cake or cupcake.

Step 1

Form a 3-inch teardrop shape from the fondant color you want to use for the puppy body. Make a 1-inch teardrop shape for the head. Brush a small amount of water on the large end of the head and the small end of the body. Press the two together to make the puppy body.

Step 2

Roll a 2-inch long worm shape from fondant and stick to the back of the puppy’s body with a toothpick to hold it in place. This makes the tail of the puppy. You can shape or curl the tail to make it look more like a specific breed of dog to add more realism to the puppy.

Step 3

Form four feet from fondant by making 1-inch “L” shapes. Dent three lines on the bottom of each “L” to make toes. Stick the legs to the sides of the puppy’s body. Brush on water to help them stick if necessary.

Step 4

Roll two 1-inch circles from fondant. Press these against the puppy’s head for ears. Make small triangles if you want a puppy with smaller ears. Press a small knife into the end of the dog’s face to make a mouth shape.

Step 5

Roll a small ball of fondant and press to the top of the dog’s face for a nose. If the ball has trouble sticking to the face, brush on a small amount of water with a pastry brush before sticking the nose in place. Pipe on two eyes with butter cream icing.

Step 6

Roll out some fondant and cut it into spot shapes if you want to add spots or a pattern to the puppies to make the dog look like a specific breed. Glue the spots on the puppies by brushing the spots with water and pressing them into the puppy’s body. You can also texturize the fondant with shaping tools to give the apperance of fur for a more realistic-looking dog.