In the 70s, the Fondue pots were seen at many dinner parties, then they gave way to other forms of entertainment, and many a dinner party ended up meeting in restaurants and other venues as life just got too busy.

But the fondue pot has come back, as more people are entertaining at home again. But this time around, they are sleek and modern. Using a great cheese fondue recipe, heating it on the stove, then putting it on the table over the low flame has become fun once again.

On a fall evening, who doesn't like the idea of dipping French bread crusts, veggies and other extras into a steaming pot of melted cheese, along with a great glass of red wine or apple cider, this makes for a very comforting dinner, without all the fuss. Add great friends, and you are set for a fun dinner.

Here are a few of the latest models in fondue pots that are on the market now. If you still own that one from the 70s, then dust it off and get it back out for that next dinner party. All you need is the cheese recipe, and some dippers and that is it, and it is fun. The older styles will still need the fondue fuel, but you can get that in most hardware stores and some grocery stores will carry it now, as it has become popular once again.

Westbend Fondue Potwestbend electric fondue pot

If you would prefer to stay away from the fondue fuel and using flame, then you can try the latest in stainless steel electric fondue pots. They come with everything you need, including the fondue forks, and all you need, is to be able to plug it in safely somewhere while using this at the table.

Also, keep in mind, that most of the electric fondue pots, will have you heat up your cheese mixture on the stove first, then pour into the electric fondue pot, and with the temperature controls, you can keep it at the right temperature for you.

Rival Electric Fondue Potrival fondue pot

Rival has been known for years, especially in the crock pot market, but has a sleek design for the more modern fondue pot. They have heat adjustments, but it is still best to heat up the recipe on the stove first, then pour into the fondue pot, ready for use. This model also comes with the forks and a recipe booklet.

Emile Henry Flame Top Fondue Pot

This particular model reminds me of my 70s style fondue pot. You heat your cheese recipe right in the pot on the stove, then simply transfer to the frame over the little burner. You will need fondue fuel forfondue pot the burner, but there are not electric cords to deal with, and the pot can then got directly into the dishwasher afterwards! These styles are great if there are no electrical outlets where you will be serving your fondue pot. Just don't leave it unattended as it is a fuel burner.

So Many Styles of the Classic Fondue Pot

All you need to do is go searching on sites such as Amazon, and Ebay, to see that there are many styles. Different sizes, as well as retro colors, or the sleek look of stainless steel. Lots of choice now.

So, the next time you are having a fondue party, maybe get 2 fondue pots. One for the main cheese fondue and another smaller one for the chocolate fondue dessert. (There are many chocolate fondue recipes out there, but you can simple melt a good chocolate bar with a bit of milk, and use fruit for dippers)

Here is one simple cheese fondue recipe to get you started, but you will find many varieties of the cheese recipe so that you will never get bored, you can also heat up oil in a fondue and dip in meat.. You can buy pre-made fondue cheese packages that you simply heat up, but try this first.

1 cup of dry white wine (you can adjust the taste of your fondue by changing the wine selection as well)

1/2 pound of shredded Swiss cheese

1/2 pound of shredded Gruyere cheese

2 tablespoons of flour

bit of salt to taste

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder.

Take your wine and pour into a saucepan (or the ceramic fondue pot if you are using one that goes over a flame afterwards) and add both the cheeses, then stir in the flour a bit at a time (this will thicken it) Once the cheese has melted add the garlic powder and salt to taste.

Get all your dippers ready first, before making your cheese, that way you can go directly to the table with it.

Dipper Ideas for your Fondue Pot

Bread cubes - These are the traditional dippers for the fondue pot, make sure you have lots, and try cutting up a French stick of bread, it tastes great in the cheese and doesn't fall apart. Try different breads for variety, and this looks good on a tray.

Apples - Slice up some apples, and toss them in a little lemon juice so they don't go brown, these taste great dipped in the melted cheese.

Veggies - Cut up all kinds of colorful veggies into bite sized pieces, for dipping. You will then get all your food groups from this fondue party! Broccoli, bell peppers, mushrooms anything you have. If you want you can also quickly blanche any vegetables if you are not a fan of eating them raw.

Fondue Pot Rules

If you have guests at your table, who have never experienced the fondue pot party, then there are 3 basic rules that should be followed.

1. No double dipping! Dip once, and then eat it.

2. Only use one dipper at a time, no stuffing the skewer with all the goodies

3. Don't touch your lips with the skewer. Slide the dipper onto a plate to eat.

So, have fun with your fondue pot, and have a great easy going dinner party. No fuss. All you need are your dippers, the fondue pot with the cheese recipe, and small side plates and your friends.