Foo Fighters Live At Wembley Stadium Review

Foo Fighters Live At Wembley

The Foo Fighters live at Wembley Stadium is a single disc DVD/Blu-ray live recording of their shows from June 6 and 7 2008, filmed in front of crowds of over 80,000 fans a night. Featuring a compilation of breakneck rock songs and slower, more melodic tunes, the Foo Fighters are captured in all of their rocking glory in undoubtedly their best live DVD release to date.
The concert covers 16 Foo Fighter songs spanning the bands entire career, plus 2 covers with some very special guests, for a 2 hour running time. The band brings their trademark energy from the very get go, with rousing renditions of "The Pretender" and "Times Like These". Dave Grohl may be the best front man since Freddie Mercury in engaging large crowds and he is genuinely funny as he chats to the crowd between songs. This is a band who obviously aren't playing for the money or going through the motions, they look excited to be on stage playing the music that the love in front of their adoring fans.
The band plays a stunning acoustic version of "My Hero" followed by Dave playing the majority of "Everlong" solo which allows the crowd a quick rest and a chance to sing, before the rest of the band rejoins to finish "Everlong" before charging headlong through "Monkey Wrench" and "All My Life". The highlight of the concert is the band's childhood heroes, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin, joining the band on stage. Dave Grohl returns to his Nirvana roots by jumping on the drum kit to allow Taylor Hawkins to sing the Zeppelin classic, rock and roll before Dave sings "Ramble On". The entire band have a look that is like a child on Christmas morning as they cover Zeppelin songs with rock and roll royalty and Page and Jones seem excited to be playing in front of such a large audience. This is a special moment that take this live DVD from the great to the outstanding category, making it a must have for any rock and roll fans collection. The band brings the concert home with a moving version of "Best of You", leaving the crowd exhausted and satisfied.
The video and sound quality is of the highest order, though one criticism is that during the fast songs the editing moves between the band members far too quickly. This is a straight up recording of the concert, with no bonus footage or interviews which is more than a bit disappointing. But it is the footage of the concert that people will buy this DVD/Blu-ray for and in that regard, this is the quintessential Foo Fighters experience, showing one of the world's best live bands in all of their glory and is a must have for any rock music fans collection.

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