Comparison Review: V3820 & V3840

Here, we will compare two fairly similar FoodSaver vacuum sealing appliances -- V3820 Vs V3840 -- highlighting both their differences and similarities amongst specifications & features in a brief & objective breakdown contrasting analysis. From, this you will quickly develop a clear overview as to what each unit offers & which represents the best value for money (through taking into account their respective price tags, as seen below) but also which package (V3820 or V3840) is capable of fulfilling your ‘food saving’ needs.

Performance & Benefits of FoodSavers

FoodSaver claim some pretty impressive benefits if you were to use your FoodSaver unit efficiently and effectively -- with firstly the most obvious benefit being that your food can obviously stay fresh & last much, much longer (specifically “five times longer” on average) across all food types.

(They  have even drawn up a comparison table contrasting ‘ordinary storage time’ in contrast to how much longer it can last with it being vacuum sealed with the FoodSaver system).

This then has the indirect impact of being able to save you a whole lotta money (up to $2,700 per year) if you were to take advantage of bulk buying (which applies the appropriate & significant discounts to your annual food shop) and of course preserve them in an air tight seal using the FoodSaver device.

FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Sealer Unit

FoodSaver V3820 Vacuum Food Sealer Packaging System
Amazon Price: $139.95 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 20, 2015)

Design & Operation

Both units utilize a vertical design (in order to save space) and will automatically seal your food for you (i.e hands free, all you have to do is place the food in the bag and feed it through the machine) -- that operates on two different vacuum speeds (normal & gentle). They also offer a range of settings for you to select ‘before’ you seal the bag -- such as whether the food is moist or dry -- this then allows the FoodSaver to perform a more ‘optimal’ seal for the given type of food (sealing it at both ends i.e two levels).

FoodSaver V3840 Vacuum Sealer Unit

V3840 FoodSaver Vertical SS
Amazon Price: $0.00 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 20, 2015)

Practical Features

They also come with many additional aspects to improve the ‘sealing’ process yet further such as the CrushFree technology to help prevent damage to delicate foods whilst sealing, an auto liquid detection to ensure against spilling (and liquids getting trapped in the bags), and even a marinate mode to inject flavor into your food (taking roughly a couple of minutes). Moreover, they come with integrated LED progress indicator lights to let you know how the ‘sealing’ is getting on, a washable drip tray (capturing any spillages) , a built in easy-bag ‘opener’ & cutter as well as a roll storage (to keep all the spare bags in). There is also a retractable accessory hose that is used in conjunction with the canister mode -- to basically create a vacuum in food canister holders.

Accessories & Accessory Mode

Up until now, the V3820 & V3840 offer pretty much identical features -- however it is here (i.e what comes in the package) where the difference lies:

V3820: i) One 11” x 10’ Heat-Seal Roll, ii) Three Quart Size Heat-Seal Bags and finally iii) Two Gallon Size Heat-Seal Bags.

V3840: i) Three 11” x 10’ Heat-Seal Rolls, ii) Three Quart Pre-cut Heat Seal Bags, iii) Two Gallon Pre-cut Heat-Seal bags and finally iv) One bottle stoppers (3 pack).

As you can see the V3840 offers far more in the way of extra equipment, meaning you can store more food & types in a single period than the V3820. Note: you can buy additional equipment (heat roll bags) etc. directly.

Further Information


Both units are backed by a one year warranty period that covers costs of fixing any possible defects that they may incur.

What’s in the Box/Package?

The vacuum sealing unit (V3820 or V3840), a manual guide and the respective accessories mentioned above.

Average Review Rating (sourced

V3820: 3.4 out of 5 (68%)

V3840: 3.3 out of 5 (66%)

Conclusion - Should You Buy the FoodSaver V3820 or V3840?

As you can see from the above, you are essentially getting the same vacuum sealing unit but the additional equipment provided with each is different -- where the V3840 comes with a far greater array of bag seals etc. & hence this is reflected in the price difference. When it comes to which model do you buy? It is simply a question of ‘how much food do you plan on storing & how frequently’ -- if your answer is ‘quite a bit’ to both -- then I’d suggest you go for the V3840, but if it is ‘not so much’ then you will be fine opting for the V3820. Remember though you can buy additional seal bags etc. if you need them.

Which appliance (the V3820 or V3840) will you go for and why?

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Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the overview of the V3820 Vs V3840 or any questions about either appliance specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section (that you will find just below the fold) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.