One of the most annoying things about picnics at the park is having the bugs and insects getting a lover your food. You can easily spray some bug spray onto yourself so you do not have to fight with the bugs but you cannot spray bug repellant onto your food. Nothing is more attractive to insects then food. In of the ways I have found to overcome this problem is by using an Outdoor Table Top Food Screen.

A tabletop tent is designed to be setup on top of a picnic table and will help to keep your food protected from invasive insects. You can also use this tabletop tent food cover on the ground if there is not a picnic table nearby. I especially love using this food cover tent at home. You can leave it setup for extended periods of time so it is already to go anytime you need to use it to protect food from nasty bugs.

The Outdoor Table Top Food Screen is 36” long and is designed to fit on one end of a standard sized picnic table. You can still utilize the table and keep your food protected with this functional tent. Although this food cover tent is designed to fit a standards sized table it will also work perfectly with tables that are larger and smaller than normal.

Installation of Tent

Installation of this food cover tent is very easy. It only takes a couple of minutes to erect the tent and it is even faster to take down.  Using this tent is very easy to do.

Final Thoughts

This tent is definitely worth the money. Instead of fighting to constantly keep each food dish covered you can instead use this food cover tent. It is so much easier to use this then to try and keep the aluminum foil and Tupperware lids on all of the dishes.

The one caveat is that you do need to ensure that the kids keep the zipper shut on this tent so it does not get filled with bugs. As long as you do this you will find that this food cover tent is a great way to protect your food from bugs and insects.

There are many food cover tenets for sale but most of them are too small to be able to be used in real life. The food tent cover I highly recommend and referred to in this article is the Dura-Tent FT-100 Outdoor Table Top Food Screen.

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Disease can and is spread by insects so help protect yourself by using a picnic table cover to keep these nasty bugs and insects out of your families food. You do not want to eat food with bug poop in it so don't male your children do it either.