Everyone loves going to a baby shower. What makes it even better is if you know the child’s sex. It just makes it easier when buying gifts. One of the greatest joys of hosting one is in the decorations and gift ideas for an upcoming shower. Back in the day when I had my baby showers, it was the usually cake, balloons, and wrapped presents. Not that I don’t cherish those days, but people have gotten a lot more creative these days. People bring gifts in interesting ways such as Diaper and Rattle cakes. Let’s explore some neat ways to give presents while adding decorations to the event.

Food Decorations

First of all, we all know that the art of cake decorating has reached an all time high. You can have this treat made in just about any style and shape that you want. Not only that, but it can be decorated with colors and graphics that are almost to adorable to eat. Cakes are even made nowadays to look like a sleeping newborn. Ordering the perfect cake to compliment your next shower is a snap nowadays, but if you are creative enough you can create one that is just as awesome.

Another wonderful gift idea that you can add to the table are rattle cupcakes. This little additions or so adorable and easy to make. With a little practice in know time you can become an expert. Just make them in the same theme as the central cake that you are displaying. You can even put them below the cake on a cake tower for a dramatic effect. The guest will love to eat these.

Another great purchase that you can make is cool baby shower cookies. You can get this cookies personalized and shaped like rattles, bibs, blocks, carriages, rocking horses, bottles, onesies, teddy bears, ducks, and just about whatever else you can think up. You can even get these in a bouquet that is part of the decorating theme. Then again, if you are the creative type you can make them yourself.

Other great food decorating ideas are easy to do. You can make a baby carriage out of a watermelon and fill it with fruit to serve. This provides an attractive food centerpiece and a healthy snack. If the outside skin doesn’t sit well with your theme, then cover it with some icing and make it match.

A Cool Baby Cake

Gift Ideas

Don’t forget to be creative when giving your gifts. You can make a cool and cute diaper cake. These are usually several layers high. The fun doesn’t stop there because you can make this same cake out of washcloths too. Another cute little gift idea is too make a bouquet of flowers out of adorable baby socks. If you want to make this gift even more interesting add floral stems with leaves and place them in a cloth or rose box. The mother will love this gift and appreciate the thought. Use baby items to make a hoagie sandwich for mom. This is also another precious gift idea. I have even seen the idea transform into the shape of a pizza. You are only limited by your imagination.

If you know of any great ideas involving food decorations and gift ideas that I have missed please leave a comment. The newest and most unique gift ideas are always welcomed to help the readers make an impact at their next baby shower.

Style Camp BearCredit: pwarlickThis is a cute little creation that I designed for a baby that likes style.  You can get one at Style Camp.