Foods That Cause Belly Fat

Biologically, mankind has emerged from the apes; hence both species have a strong similarity with regard to the structure of their teeth and their digestive systems. Accordingly, once upon a time it is claimed that man, essentially like his forefathers, copious amounts of fruits, nuts and fresh green veggies. However, man had to constantly fend for himself from becoming the next meal of wild and vicious animals in the jungles like lions, tigers, etc. Somewhere along the way and for some unknown reason, one day man was compelled to eat the flesh of the very same wild beast he had slain, instead of being that animal’s next meal.


Over the years, consumption of animal proteins: meat, poultry and water based life has continued to increase even though it is malodorous, rots rapidly, loaded with cholesterol and saturated fats, and occasionally is afflicted by diseases like “mad cow”, “bird flu”, “pig flu”, “red tide” and “salmonella”. This is the first source of fattening foods: pork, chicken, ham, beef, hamburgers, sausages, etc (and hinders you to lose belly fat, too). In order to increase the shelf life of these products the processed foods industry emerged and is now spread world wide. These products are preserved using synthetic chemicals to retard the rot and decomposition.


The second group of fattening items is produced by the artificial fruit drinks industry which produces fizzled and carbonated drinks, and quick water soluble powders in various flavors. This industry has also spread rapidly all over the world. They use artificial flavors and very harmful HCFC (high fructose corn syrup) to sweeten them (it is a common saying that if you want flat abs or those six packs, eat and not drink your fruit).


The last member of the triumvirate is the fast food industry that has likewise mushroomed worldwide. Its main selling point is the availability of a variety of food items which can be eaten within minutes after they are ordered. Since life is increasingly getting hectic and fast paced, this is a time saving and convenient way for the cooks of the house who no longer have to toil for hours in their kitchens to make tasty meals. The food items sold by them are usually deep fried animal proteins and potatoes (which also contributes to lose belly fat), as well as pancakes, doughnuts, pizzas, etc. The menu of drinks consists of fizzy drinks, artificial juices or coffee using artificial dairy creamer. Using ingenious marketing techniques, the industry has caused a worldwide addiction for their items.


Even today, millions of Hindus and Buddhists all over the world continue to abstain from animal based proteins during their entire life. Even though their diets are totally devoid of the 8 essential amino acids (which are entirely derived from animal proteins), they do not manifest any physical or intellectual abnormality thus disproving the popular and but misguided notion that animal protein is absolutely necessary for health. This does not mean that Hindus and Buddhists are not fat. What causes Hindus to become fat is their penchant for certain deep fried food items available in their cuisine. Although those items are very crunchy and delectable, they are harmful to health (which are gateways to visceral fat, which means goodbye to flat abs and/or six packs).