Food processors are one of the best kitchen appliances that you can obtain.  As a person with a hectic schedule it will save you a ton of time and energy.  If you are a person who prepares multiple meals for multiple days then you should consider using a food processor.

Some of the various uses of my food processor are making salsa, making dough, making ice cream, and shredding meat (like cooked chicken).  Due to the importance of selecting a food processor that is ideal for your specific purpose, you should consider the following:

The Pulse

Believe me, you need to do yourself a favor and select a food processor that has the pulse option and the continuous pulsing option.  What is the difference? If you only have the pulse option, you will have to manually press the button until your food is processed. However, if you have the continuous pulsing button, you will be able to walk away from the food processor and do other things while your food is processing.

The Size

Most people do not consider the multiple amount of ways that their food processor could be used.  Select a size that corresponds to the type of tasks that you will do on a regular basis.  Mini food processors will not accomplish the amount of work that you need done.  Additionally, it is always better to have more room than it is to wish that you had enough room.  At a minimum you should buy a seven cup food processor.

The Accessories

You do not need the fanciest food processor but you do need one that will accomplish your current tasks.  Select a food processor with a blade that will chop, a blade that will shred, and a blade that will slice.  If possible it is best to find a slicing blade that can be adjusted.

The Storage

Please save yourself the time and the hassle of looking for your accessories by finding a food processor that contains a drawer.  The easiest way to keep up with the accessories that you will need to work your my food processor is to buy a food process with a drawer that keeps track of all of your tools.  Look at food processors that have a drawer on the unit.  It will not affect the quality of the food processor but it wil save you so much time while you are cooking.

The Name

You want to select a brand name for many reasons.  First, you want to select a product that has the recommendation of other people.  A company that is notorious for producing good kitchen appliances is more likely to stand behind their product.  Second, you also want to ensure that there will be a place for you to contact if you have any questions or any problems. 

A Recommendation

Of course there is a type of food processor that I recommend.  There are a ton of products.  I have actually owned a few types of food processors but the best one so far has been the Wolfgang Puck Food Processor.  I own the seven cup version that comes in red.  I selected this processor because of its size, its accessories, and its storage.  This food processor has all of the things that I have described above.