No matter how good something tastes, everything has an expiration date. Twinkies, probably the most amazing creme-filled sponge treat ever, most recently found this out. usually us consumers do not even know that one of our favorite products disappeared from the shelves. One day you go looking for it and you just think it is out of stock. After a few weeks, the addiction fades and we just forget about our beloved deceased food.

Is there anything like that for you on the list below?

french toast crunch

French Toast Crunch

What makes French Toast Crunch? Apparently death does. While you can still find it's delicious brother Cinnamon Toast Crunch on shelves, French Toast Crunch was discontinued in 2006, except in Canada. Canada can still enjoy the crispy crunchy tiny French toast pieces.



Squeezit was a popular fruit-flavored soft drink that was created by General Mills. It can in a variety of flavors from fruit punch, to orange, to strawberry. There was also a point in time where squeezits can with little pellets that you could drop in to change the color of the drink.

The big sell of squeezit was to drink it efficiently you had to squeeze the bottle to drink it. This presented room for fun and making a big mess. To ease the cleaning of mothers everywhere General Mills sent this product the way of Old Yeller in 2001.

wonder ball

Wonder Ball

What is inside a Nestle Wonder Ball? Nothing, apparently. The Wonder Balls were taken off the shelves in 1997 due to a choking hazard from the candy inside. However, they reappeared in 2000 with a toy inside instead of candy. Sadly, though they were again removed from shelves in 2004 as the recipe was sold to another company. They can still be found from some online candy companies though.

four loko

Four Loko

Four Loko was the first alcoholic energy drink. Unfortunately because our world values safety over fun, Four Loko was removed from shelves in 2010. No longer could you enjoy the effects of essentially mixing vodka and red bull in a can. Four Loko has since been put back on the shelves, but it no long has any caffeine, taurine, or guarana in it.

Now it is just essentially fruit flavored beer without any extra effects.

ez squirt

Heinz EZ Squirt

I remember the weird colored ketchup fad that Heinz introduced. People bought into the novelty at first, but you know why you can no longer find the fun and crazy colored ketchup on shelves? Because the novelty wore off and consumers just found it weird. Apparently changing the color of condiments really does put people off.

Heinz EZ Squirt colored ketchup kicked the bucket in 2006 after a years of terrible sales.

3D doritos

3D Doritos

You would think since everybody loves to make 3D movies these days that the 3D Doritos would still be a big hit. Apparently, no. Like many products, 3D Doritos died sometime around 2005 because of poor sales. Though, as i have heard, you can still find them in Mexico.

oreo os

Oreo O's Cereal

This is probably one of the saddest food deaths on here. Oreo O's cereal was the best idea for a cereal ever and it tasted like heaven in your mouth. It is also probably a good thing to blame for childhood obesity. however, it was not the fatness of children that killed this beloved cereal. Nor was it poor sales like many other products. It is because two companies will no cooperate with each other.

The Post cereal company owns the rights to the cereal, however the Kraft company owns the rights to the Oreo name. Since they will not co-brand with each other, we have no heavenly delicious cereal.

surge soda

Surge Soda

Surge was Coca-Cola's answer to Mountain Dew. It was a good answer. Surge was based off a Norwegian soft drink named Urge. It was sadly pulled off the shelves on 2003. It's fatality was another casualty of disgruntled parents. Due to its high caffeine content, parents demanded that it be pulled from the shelves for making their kids hyper.

The soda was released and rebranded as the energy drink soda Vault in 2005. However, Vault was again discontinued for too much caffeine in 2011.The world just won't let us stop our hearts with too much soda.