The production insulin is a very important part of the digestive system. Often this sequence is not even thought of as being a part of digestion as insulin is so closely tied to diabetes but in fact it is part of digestion. When foods are eaten and digested in the stomach the sugars break down and enter the blood stream. When this happens the pancreas begins producing insulin in sufficient quantities to metabolize the sugars in your blood stream. Healthy levels of insulin basically keep you from having blood sugar spike when you eat.

What is unfortunate however is when people become resistant to insulin and they require more of it to do the same job as before. This is in effect the early warning sign for diabetes and in this case reversing insulin resistance should be one's main priority.

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Foods That Promote the Production of Insulin

Foods To Reverse Diabetes Cookbook - Betty CrockerDespite the main goal of improving insulin resistance people who have pre-diabetes or are concerned about it should be seeking out insulin producing foods, or simply, foods that promote the production of insulin. By eating a diet of good foods that support insulin production you will be less likely to suffer from blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Most notably of the foods that encourage the production of insulin the kind that has to be a part of any insulin production diet is fiber. People who eat fiber on a consistent basis experience an optimal insulin production system which levels out it's production to more normal levels. Fiber in essence allows insulin production to moderate not getting too high or too low.

Aside from eating high fiber foods, supplementing with citrus peel extract has also been shown to help improve insulin resistance. ALA, which is found in Flaxseed, also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. Foods which contain vitamin K such as dark leafy green vegetables, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are also very good regulators of insulin production and overall levels.

Another very good tip to follow which aids in regulating the production of insulin is to stay away from high glycemic index foods. In other words stay away from simple carbohydrates, simple sugars, and basically other forms of empty calories. So long as you minimize these foods from your diet your blood sugar levels will not spike and you will not require greater levels of insulin to metabolize the sugars.  Falling into a safe and normal blood sugar range should be possible.

Insulin is an important part of your system and it's wise to take some time to learn how it works and why certain foods are good you and other are not. Choose foods which promote healthy insulin production and you should be doing just fine.

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