Oily skin is probably the hardest type of skin to care for. In order to keep it looking best it takes some effort. It is important to cleanse it properly, but you also have to eat the right types of food. Certain food can cause this skin to look even more greasy and can cause break outs. 

It is best not to eat much greasy or fried food such as french fries or fried chicken. Sometimes this type of skin can have allergies to things like chocolate and dark soda. If you notice more acne when you eat chocolate or drink dark soda like cola it's best to avoid these things. Fruits and vegetables are always the healthy thing to eat, but certain types are best for oily skin care.

Cucumbers and avocados are good for reducing oils in the skin. It is good to eat them or to apply them to the skin as a mask. To help tone oily skin and unclog pores try this cucumber and avocado mask. Peel and chop half a cucumber and one avocado. Mash together to form a paste. Apply to the skin and leave on for about fifteen minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Cucumbers contain ascorbic and caffeic acids. These prevent the skin from retaining too much water. Avocados are a great source of vitamin E which is very beneficial to the skin. 

White vinegar is great for reducing acne. Unfortunately oily skin is prone to acne. White vinegar is a great astringent. It is used to reduce oils in skin and bacteria. It normalizes the pH in the skin. To use white vinegar in your skin care routine mix one ounce with ten ounces water. Put on the skin with a cotton ball. Allow to air dry. 

Sugar is another good food for the skin. You shouldn't consume too much, but using it in a sugar scrub is very helpful. This will help to scrub off the dead skin cells. It has an antibacterial effect and helps to unclog the pores. To use as a scrub mix one tablespoon sugar with one teaspoon lukewarm water. Make a paste. Use your fingertips to massage gently over your face and neck. Avoid the eyes. Rinse well with warm water. Then splash face with cold water to close pores. 

Whole grains are highly recommended because they digest better than normal grains. They also provide more fiber which produces more antioxidants. They also have a mild affect on blood sugar levels. This may improve the hormone levels and reduce acne. Replace breads and cereals with whole grain products. 

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. They provide vitamin A which unclogs pores and reduces inflammation. The best fruits and vegetables to eat are apricots, tangerines, mango, papaya, leafy greens, broccoli, winter squash, pumpkin and carrots. Fresh juices also help. The best oils to use for cooking are canola, sunflower and olive oil. Avoid oils like vegetable oils that contain animal fat. 

Cold water fish are highly recommended. They contain Omega 3, protein and zinc. Zinc heals wounds and minimizes acne symptoms. Swap fatty meats with fish such as salmon, tuna or another cold water fish. Drink plenty of water. This will cleanse your body and keep your skin hydrated.