When you visit Chile make sure you score an invitation of a local family because three things are very important to Chileans. Celebrate with the family, drink good beer, vine or Pisco and eat tasty, fresh food. If possible they like to do everything at the same time. Here is a small selection of food you should not miss when you visit Chile.

1. Pebre

I’m going to start with Pebre a very simple, typical Chilean dish. Usually in every restaurant you will find bread and Pebre on the table to enjoy before you order your main dishes. Also it’s a good salsa for choripàn or any fresh meat from the barbecue, which is also very popular in Chile.

Pebre ChilenoCredit: Pebre

2. Empanadas

Probably most of you know empanadas; however your version might differ from the Chilean one. There are three basic types of empanadas in Chile; the first is filled with beef, onions, raisins, black olives and a hard-boiled egg. The second usually contains seafood and the third filling consists of cheese.

EmpanadasCredit: Empanadas

3. Choripàn

Normally a barbecue in Chile lasts for a couple of hours with the main course being a massive piece of meat. This needs some time to be properly cooked so in the meantime the chefs throw some choripàn on the grill. The name comes from the ingredients you need; a chorizo sausage in a bread (pan).  Adding some Pebre makes this the perfect starter.

ChoripanCredit: Choripan

4. Cordero al Palo (whole roast lamb)

A must especially if you travel to Patagonia where this dish is very popular. A whole lamb is tied to a spit and placed next to an open fire. The preparation takes around 5 hours because the meat has to be cooked constant and on a low heat. You can book a restaurant where the hosts dress up in the traditional way, prepare the lamb and show you some of the local dances.

Cordero al PaloCredit: Cordero al Palo

5. Pastel de Choclo

This is a very interesting dish for people who like sweet food. It is prepared in an oven dish where the ground layer consists of minced meat, chicken or both of them. On top add a cooked egg cut in slices and then cover everything with mashed corn.  Before eating you can add some sugar on top in case you want it sweeter.

Pastel de ChocloCredit: Pastel de Choclo