fish dinnerBeyond its general definition, Food and Drink is an industry in its own right. Of course humans need food and beverages to survive, but many people have taken sustenance to a new level, and take part in the creation and preparation of their food. Some people are fascinated by foods and beverages for the experience of eating, while others enjoy the preparing the foods themselves.

As long as man has been in existence, food has been necessary to survive, but somewhere during the course of history, man must have become tired with just plain cooked meats or vegetables. Ways to make food more palatable include the additions of seasonings to foods, as well as different cooking techniques to change how food tastes. While throughout history typically women have been considered to be the preparers of food, in modern times there are countless men who love the art of cooking.

Food can be a form of entertainment in today's society as well. Many men and women have made big names for themselves using unique ingredients to create tasty and beautiful dishes that delight the eye and the palate. Popular chefs today include such personalities as Rachel Ray, Emeril Lagasse, and Paula Dean. Each of these chefs and countless others delight viewers by putting together food and drink in new and unique ways, instructing people as well as entertaining them. The Food Network was the first network in television history to dedicate its programming specifically to the subject of food and drink.

frozen drinksIn this new age of technology, there are countless online websites for individuals to share their knowledge of food and drink. Many sites devote their content to strictly food and beverage related topics.,, and are just a few examples of sites where individual users can submit their recipes and cooking articles for publication. Other user-generated content sites (,,, etc.) allow for recipe submissions as well, as long as the user follows the correct submission guidelines.