Food for Thighs


Have you ever heard someone say, "Oh, I can't eat cheesecake - it goes right to my thighs!".  This is usually mentioned, of course, just as one is reaching for a hefty slice of strawberry smothered cheesecake.  It seems as though certain select foods go right to someone's thighs - and it's usually food that is high in calories and fat.  Chocolate candy, for example, or just about any really good cake or cookie.  Food that is high in fat generally means it's also high in flavor.  And begs to be eaten no matter what shape your thighs are in.  As far as I'm concerned, all food that is delicious is synonymous for food for thighs.  Everything I eat bypasses my intestinal tract and goes straight to the thighs.  Even food labeled "for your healthy heart" or other healthy body part slogans is food for thighs.  My thighs have become magnets for all the fat in food.  Which has always led me to wonder how some people can eat all the fat laden foodstuff they desire and still have ultra thin thighs, while others, such as myself, suffer fat thigh syndrome. 


  Some like to call it "cellulite"; this is just a fancy name for all the fat from the food you eat goes straight to your thighs and sticks in there like superglue.  This makes it nearly impossible to get rid of fat thighs, unless you get rid of all food with fat.  And that would really make life suck!  I wonder if there are any means to make the fat stay away from thighs?  How does one turn food for thighs into food for thought?  Or food for pleasure without going to the thighs?  Is there any way to cause the fat in food to cruise evenly through all body parts, so at least it's spread out a bit?  Not just centered on one area, which happens to be an area of trouble when it comes to wearing clothes?

  It's terrible living with heavy thick thighs.  For one thing, most of my wardrobe consists of skirts or dresses designed to  hide heavy thighs.  Any pants I wear need to be loose or stretchy enough to pull over them.  Don't even get me started on stretch pants!  They seem designed to emphasize protruding thighs!  Even my mother would pinch my thigh and ask if I had some apples stuffed in there!  My own mother, whose has thighs that are rail thin.  I probably take after my father who is a bit "stocky" as my mother likes to say.  I would call it something else but that's like the pot calling the kettle black.  Of course, with my father, it's his abdomen that carries the fat.  He's got the good ol' boy "beer belly".  And I have the saggy baggy dimpled lard legs.  My job is not conducive to thin thighs, either.  I write, which is difficult to do while running in place, or running on a track.  Not only that, when I tried exercise to get rid of my heavy thighs, it didn't work.  They did shape up a bit, but they were rock hard thighs - still big, just hard and muscular - and I still felt like everything I ate was food for thighs.  One good thing I discovered in the course of investigating how to get rid of my fat thighs is that one cause for thick thighs is a lot of estrogen in the body.  That's a blessing and a curse, though.  A blessing in that it means I'm ALL woman; a curse because no man wants to touch me unless he's nearsighted and dizzy and thinks he's just seeing double when it comes to my thighs. 

  A few studies have even shown that fat thighs may be healthy!  Apparently that extra body fat, courtesy of the food for thighs, may help prevent diabetes, heart problems, and all those other things associated with being obese.  While that makes being a thunder thighs a bit easier, I still would prefer having thin, shapely thighs.  It would be nice if the fatty foods I eat wouldn't go straight to my thighs.  If all the food I crave and eat wouldn't go straight for my thighs.   As long as it does, though, I guess I'll go back to trying some other exercises to slim down my thighs.  I could always cut out the fatty foods that go straight for my thighs but that wouldn't be easy; most no fat diets are tasteless, unappetizing, and leave me constantly feeling hungry.  So I'll take the food and do the stretching exercises guaranteed to push some of that fat more evenly around my body.  That way I can have my cheesecake, and eat it, too.   And perhaps, someday when I 'm in the throes of menopause and my estrogen production falls to zero, I'll be able to say "Yes, I can eat cheesecake!  It doesn't go straight to my thighs!".