The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming‼

I know that every year food is everywhere especially during the holidays, and most of the time it's some recipe one of my family members have passed down for years and years and it's amazingly good but it's either made with TONS of sugar, white flour, or just looking at it makes you fat. Yeah we've all been there! My family in fact during Thanksgiving I don't think would even touch the vegetables, because it might fill you up before grandma's yummy desserts. So this year will be the year where the dreaded holidays are  turned around, for the past few years I have made some of those family desserts and other foods that, obviously are NOT  good for you. I just figured It's the holidays everyone is eating, we'll all feel fat together☺, right?? I'm helping with the shopping and a big majority of the cooking, that way I'll make sure that those desserts are not just empty calories and that if we make something that is a little different from the original, Maybe just maybe it will become the newest holiday hit!!

Holiday Hints to Keeping on Track

  1.  Eat until your about 80% full, normally we make enough for everyone to take home some, there will be more. 
  2. Take some of those veggies that no one else is taking, just be sure they're not candied too much sugar is not good.
  3. A bite or Two should satisfy you with that dessert, Okay I have a big sweet tooth and maybe a piece is okay but make sure it's in moderation. 
  4. Exercise is key, Exercise through the holidays to keep some those extra pounds away.

5. One of the biggest things DO NOT starve your self during that day of the event so you can have a big dinner, if you are worried about gaining pounds be sure to eat, other wise you will over stuff your self, if you have to, go with veggies and fruit until that big meal, Salads and water will be your best friends.

The holidays will come every year even if we ask for it to stop but, the special occasion food you only have once or twice a year doesn't need to stay with you till the next time you have it again.