There are certain foods with high protein that we need in our daily diet. Although our body can manufacture a number of amino acids that are needed to create protein, we still need other sources of it. Protein can be found in animal or a vegetable source. Here is  a short list so that you can plan your high protein diet.


Credit: dollen via Flickr



100 g of lean beef contains 36 g protein

Aside being a high protein food, beef contains creatine that is helpful in muscle building efficiency and also zinc which helps in converting food into energy.


6 ounces of tuna have 40 g protein

Fish contain high levels of omega-3 and iodine that is needed for thyroid function and a healthy brain.

 Chicken breast

85 g of roasted chicken breast has 26 g protein

Chicken breasts have zinc which helps the function of our immune system.


100 g of clams have 48 g protein

Mollusks give you high levels of protein, as well as 302% of your recommended daily allowance of vitamin B12, which helps our nervous system healthy.


100 g of tofu has 48 g protein

For vegetarians tofu is the key to having protein in replacement of meat. It also contains high levels of manganese which is a mineral that helps strengthen bones.


100 g of low-sodium Parmesan has 42 g protein

Another high protein food, cheese also contains calcium, which is essential for bone growth and muscle contraction.


100 g of lamb has 36 g protein

A few lamb chops will help you get vitamin B12 and niacin that allows you to be able to train longer. It also has selenium which helps your muscles recover after strenuous activities.


100g of pork tenderloin has 32 g protein

Lean pork is a great source of protein and thiamine, which helps your body recover faster from heavy exercises.


100 g of chickpeas have 16 g protein

Another vegetarian alternative for protein, legumes are also low in fat, and loaded with dietary fibre that helps regulate the body’s sugar level.

 These foods high in protein are absolutely essential to anyone’s diet. It  is necessary for our body’s everyday function and also contributes a lot to our body’s growth and development.  Make sure to include these foods listed above into your daily diet so that you may have a healthy and strong body.