Some people find it hard to believe, but we are indeed what we eat. When you eat certain kind of food, it causes your skin to breakout with acne. Acne breakouts from food are caused by excess grease in the food or just a poor diet overall, as acne can be prevented by eating the proper vitamins and nutrients. So consider taking a long hard look at your diet before slathering the body's largest organ with harsh chemicals.

sweets cause acne

Cut out the Fat and Sugar

The obvious foods to cut out are the fats, the oils, and the sugars. Not only can these foods cause havoc on your skin, but they lead to a variety of other health problems inside the body. Junk foods are truly a prime example of "you are what you eat" as the excess grease going into your body comes right back out through your pores and clogs them. Cutting out all the junk food and sweets in your diet may be the step some people need to take to finally get your skin under control.

You may think it is okay to binge on this food every so often, however even just once can lead to skin breakouts. If you do slip up and binge, be sure to not touch your face after eating and drink lots of water to flush yourself out. It is a sad thing to cut the fat from life, but everyone grows out of acne eventually, so you can catch up with junk food then.



All those commercials may say that milk does a body good, however when you have skin issues, it in fact does not. When you consume milk you are containing a lot of natural and unnatural hormones that went into the cow before it was milked. These hormones go into you and are sadly not merely just digested. They absorb into your system and cause hormone imbalances that, among other things, makes your skin greasier. If you cannot go without your cereal in the morning, try a soy milk alternative. it is not the same as real milk, but it is good in its own way.



Like milk, meat also has hormones in it both natural and unnatural that the animal has in their system to influence a plumper animal to put on your table. These hormones react the same way as milk, and beef is the worse meat for skin care. This is not to say you should cut all meat out of your diet right now, but you should try to limit your intake. Try less meat and more vegetables, your skin and your body will thank you for it. You will notice cleaner skin and replacing meat with vegetables will make weight control much easier.

The only exception to this is fish. Even though many fish are quite oily, their omega-3's are actually quite skin friendly.



This is a common food thought to cause skin problems. in reality though, dark chocolate is actually really beneficial for skin. However, it is milk chocolate that causes all the problems. Milk chocolate has much more sugar and lacks many of the benefits of the purer dark chocolate. So if you really have a bad sweet tooth, try to keep a little bit of dark chocolate around to curb that, it could actually help your skin problem. However, all good things in moderation, overdoing the dark chocolate will only eventually harm you as the sugars build up.



Carbohydrates are needed in the body primarily to be broken down into simple sugars called glucose. However, even though the nutrition pyramid recommends eating more carbohydrates than any other food, this is actually not the best idea. Eating more carbohydrates than your body needs leads to excess glucose which can lead to both acne and diabetes. Really, fruits and vegetables are the only skin safe food from the food pyramid.

You may think you need carbohydrates in your diet to get the appropriate levels of glucose, however almost half of protein is digested into glucose. So you technically do not need to gorge yourself on them.

So What Can You Eat?

It seems like pretty much every food is off limits if your skin suffers from acne. However, as long as you cut down on the grease, the overall biggest acne culprit, the other foods can be alright in moderation. The biggest thing you need to do is eat the proper vitamins that nourish your skin.

Vitamin A                 

Vitamin A rich foods are a big help in the fight against acne. So what does it do for the skin exactly? Vitamin A helps reduce the production of sebum which is what leads to clogged pores. Among that, it is also useful for repairing skin tissue. It also has a variety of antioxidant properties  that protect your skin from free radicals. Foods that contain this vitamin include sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and kale. Having a spinach and kale salad as well as a few carrots sticks for a snack are a great way to add this to your diet.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E like the Vitamin A also helps repair damaged skin, it is recommended for people who suffer from acne scaring as it helps make them not so noticeable. Foods rich in this also have a variety of antioxidants that work hard to protect your skin. Foods that contain vitamin E include most leafy vegetables, avocados, nuts and wheat germ. Many face lotions also come chocked full of this vitam.

Vitamin C

Yes, that's right. Vitamin C is not just for fighting colds anymore. The body uses this nutrient to form collagen which makes your skin firm and smooth. Like the other nutrients, this helps repair skin tissue and is also good at fighting skin infections and inflammation which is much of what acne is. Foods rich in Vitamin C include oranges, broccoli, berries, spinach, and many citrus fruits.


Although not a food, water is an essential key to clear skin. Your body uses water to flush out pores as well as your body. When your body begins to dehydrates it doesn't have the resources to be able to do this. So consider trading that sugary soda for a glass of water nex