Many health conscious people believe that constipation is caused by a lack of fiber in the diet, that way of thinking is false. Much of the food we eat is what they'd call short of fiber. Processed foods like white flour and cookies come in at about three percent fiber and are often the culprit when constipation strikes while watermelon is only about two tenths of a percent fiber in total and will keep things working without a hitch.

Many of the foods that cause constipation are processed foods that contain a lot of proteins and dairy products as well as wheat based foods that include additional fortification with calcium or iron. Elevated levels of calcium can inhibit the action of the muscles working your color and SURPRISE! it could also be detrimental to your skeletal health.

Fixing foods heavy on protein with heat might cause constipation in older people just because of the additional factors created by heating those foods. Beta-carbonlines are created in the process of cooking foods, these substances can slow the workings of your elimination system causing constipation. Processed foods loaded with protein such as cheeses, canned meats and tofu are an even higher risk for constipation.

Peptides, are opiods or natural sedatives found in the milk of all mammals, they help young to sleep well. The potential sedative effect of peptides can cause constipation. Babies absorb peptides easily so that they move through their bodies as intended but adults are frequently unable to process them and find them bogging down their digestive systems. In this case peptides may sedate your intestinal tract before they decompose if they cannot be digested. Butter doesn't hold the constipation risk of other dairy products because of it's small protein to fat ratio, high fat content also stimulates bowel movements.

A variety of plant offerings such as wheat may also cause constipation as they may also contain harmful substances, peptides or other anesthetic substances. Gluten is a special protein that also releases peptides when broken down by digestive enzymes.

No only are wheat products a risk on their own, but they are generally prepared with other protein rich foods increasing the risk of constipation carried by your favorite cookies, pastas, breads and pastries. When heated proteins change, though many damaged peptides should be destroyed by enzymes beta-carbonlines inhibit the process.

Some people may not be as sensitive to opiods so not everyone will experience constipation form such foods. Whether or not one becomes constipated from eating these foods is dependent on whether or not they are really susceptible to opiods like peptides, this is a quite variable trait among humans.

Cooked vegetables have fiber to reduce the effect of high protein and the accompanying beta-carbolines. While beans have so much fiber that they won't cause constipation they can cause cramping.

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