Peppers, Onions, & Sausage

A large part of any diet means cutting out foods, and perhaps that includes eliminating foods that you really enjoy. Ideally you should concentrate on foods that help with weight loss to help you lose pounds without giving up taste.

You probably didn't know you could have pizza on a diet, but you can, depending on how it's made. Pizza with cheese and a thin crust will give you one slice of a food you crave without blowing your diet plan. Add as many veggies as you'd like, to make an entrée that is also nutrient-dense. Just don't eat a lot of slices. It's important to include tasty foods in your diet plan, or you'll be tempted to go off your diet.  

Eggs are the mainstay of a low carb diet, which is a popular way to lose weight (this site explains different types of low carb diets). They are among the favorite of foods that help with weight loss. Selecting eggs instead of doughy foods, to help in managing your hunger, even while you're consuming fewer calories. If you have a breakfast that is rich in protein, you'll be less likely to snack before lunch. That's why breakfast is an important meal.

Salads can be filling without having lots of calories, and that makes them a good choice for weight loss. Large salads served without those creamy dressings will allow you to fill up, and thus consume fewer calories in snacking until your next meal. Big salads are good, as long as they don't include big-calorie ingredients. Salads also add folic acid, carotenoids and vitamins E & C to your diet.

To trigger your digestive hormones, some of which are also friends of your diet, include beans in your diet. Eating beans will increase the levels of digestive hormones in your body, to make you feel full longer, and you can use beans to create foods that help with weight loss. Beans can help you feel full about twice as long as rice, some studies have found, and they may even help to level out your blood sugar levels.

Soup is often not as fattening as you might think. If you eat one cup of chicken soup, that will help fill you up at the same level as one piece of grilled chicken. Soup is helpful in staving off hunger since your brain, according to recent studies at Purdue University, perceives soup as a filling food.

Pears have lots of fiber, and a medium pear will really help in filling you up. It's one of the top weight loss foods, along with apples. These fruits contain a good deal of pectin fiber, which helps in decreasing your sugar levels in the blood. This will make you less hungry between meals.  For other sweets, consider sugar alternatives (which may lead you to consider the ongoing debate of artificial sweeteners vs. sugar).

You don't have to eliminate nuts if you're dieting. Pistachios will help to lower your levels of body fat. Not all nuts are considered foods that help with weight loss, but pistachios are high in fiber, healthy fats and protein. These can all help you to feel more full, and get rid of hunger pangs. Buy pistachios in the shell, so they'll take longer to eat (which will help you eat less). 

Remember - regardless of what you eat, you have to eat in moderation.  Keep track of what you eat so that if you have any issues, you can figure out the cause.