It's not the food, it's the sebum. Before you stop eating all your favorite foods because you believe it's somehow causing acne, realize that it's not the food itself, but sebum oil produced by skin that causes your pores to get clogged and a acne bump to come up. Most foods do not cause an increase in sebum oil but watch out for the foods that do.

Chocolate myth. This is one of the myths about acne and food. Many people believe that chocolate actually makes acne worse, but this is false because there has been no credible research confirming that chocolate can actually cause acne, so keep eating as much chocolate as you want without having to worry about getting new bumps.

Dairy. This isn't one of those myths. Dairy milk actually has estrogen which is a hormone produced only in cow milk that causes an imbalance of hormones in your body and causes acne. Stay away from other types of dairy like cheese which can cause the bacteria in your body to go up and stresses your body out while trying to heal itself.

Stay away from junk food. While most junk food isn't a big deal, the high amounts of sugar can increase the sebum produced by skin and cause your pores to get clogged. For this reason, you should watch the junk food you do eat and try to eat it only in moderation and stay away from the high amounts of sugar in certain foods.

Spicey foods. You should stay away from spicy foods that upset your stomach because not only can they increase the amount of sebum in skin but they can also cause slight hormone changes. Some spicy foods can actually be good for skin because they can get rid of toxins in the colon which can stick around and cause more acne. Peppers are generally a good thing for skin because they remove toxic build-up in your system but artificial flavoring related to spices can be bad for skin by increasing the sebum.

Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are not only good for skin but help your body keep the toxins out of your system by increasing the activity in your metabolism and decrease the toxins found in your colon.

Drink more water and less soda. Water helps to get rid of toxins that build-up in your colon and helps to flush toxins out of the organs in your body, which will do nothing but help the skin. If you don't like water, drink the closest thing to water that you can find because the more artificial flavors that you find in soda, the worse it is for the skin.