Avoid Processed Foods and Other Foods that Slow Digestion

Opt for Whole and Natural Foods

Any diet is generally thought of as being clean, however, the “Clean Diet” refers to a more natural diet that helps to maintain a clean internal environment. The diet promotes whole and natural foods, which are not only designed to cleanse, but also to nourish and heal the human body. The diet can help with weight loss and help to prevent many diseases.
Any foods that contain harmful or unnatural ingredients are discouraged on the clean diet and are generally avoided in order to reduce the stress on the body.

Following is a list of some foods to avoid or at least reduce to a minimum while on the clean diet.

Processed  and Refined Foods

Processed and refined foods are generally stripped of their natural nutrients when processed at high temperatures. In many cases the nutrients are added back into the foods once all the processing is complete in order to increase the nutritional value. However, most of the time, those nutrients are in a synthetic form and can cause a toxic buildup to occur. Calcium and vitamin D are just a few examples of synthetic nutrients that can cause harm if taken for a prolonged period of time.

Some of the foods that fall into the category of heavily processed and refined foods are white flour, white rice, sugar, and basically anything that comes in a package, can, jar or bottle. The key to avoiding them is to shop around the perimeter of the grocery store. Some foods, such as spices, teas and water, are generally kept in aisles, but produce, meats and other products are usually found along the edges.

Reducing the Intake of Conventionally Grown Animal Products

Although animal products do not have to  be heavily processed, they nevertheless can contribute to a filthy internal environment. This is especially true if they are taken in excess amounts or if they come from an animal that has been abused or heavily treated with hormones and other drugs.

The key is to purchase products from free range and grass fed animals. Also, one should avoid battered or processed meats, such as hot dogs, hamburgers or frozen wings.

Junk Foods

Junk foods, such as chips, candy bars and soda pops are exactly what the name implies and should not be consumed at any time because they are extremely bad for health. Despite the negative effects, however, they have become popular not only in vending machines, but in convenient and grocery stores as well. They are highly addictive, and a high intake of them can not only contribute to extreme food cravings, but to many serious and life-threatening diseases as well.

Fast Foods

Fast foods really are not much different from junk foods because they contain high amounts of toxins and hardly any nutrition. In addition, they contain high amounts of empty calories, which do not generate any energy, but rather contribute to fatigue and excess weight gain.

The Clean Diet

The foods promoted on the clean diet are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and herbs and spices. Whole grains and whole grain products, organic meats, dairy and eggs and other organic animal products, are also encouraged. The diet is not about avoiding any type of food, except for toxic foods.

The main benefit of the clean diet is that it allows one to live a long and healthy life without having to worry about diseases creeping up.