Almost every body builder knows the importance of balanced and proper nutrition in building mass. Consuming the proper amount and types of calories and burning them off at the optimum rate is the essential foundation for growth. Protein and complex carbohydrates generally make up the bulk of the serious body building menu, with an emphasis on fish, egg whites, chicken, and powders for the protein supply, and pasta or rice for carbohydrates.
But what about some less common body building foods? How can you add a little diversity to your diet by choosing some less well-known items to supplement your nutritional selections so that you can realize even more impressive gains? Simple! Consider these three food choices to diversify your menu in order to help maximize your development.


Raw onions are a great source of quercetin, which is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are believed to help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals, which can result from intense training. Free radicals contribute to inflammation in the muscle tissue, so raw onions are a great way to battle the post-workout inflammation. Consider eating raw onions, as a post-exercise snack to help aid your recovery ability. Red (purple) Spanish onions tend to have a less potent flavor and are therefore easier to eat. They also have the added benefit of containing anthocyanins, which also function as antioxidants within the body.

Beef Liver

Forget any half truths you may have heard about organ meat. Gram for gram, beef liver is the greatest supply of protein of any meat available. Every bodybuilder is looking for protein to fuel his/her body, so beef liver is a great choice as a bodybuilding food. In addition to protein, beef liver also provides other valuable nutrients such as creatine, iron, and B vitamins for energy and efficient metabolism. And don't forget that beef liver, unlike beef, also contains carbohydrates. An equal amount of beef contains almost the same amount of protein as beef liver, but beef also contains more fat and contains no carbohydrates. Beef liver is a true power food.


When you think of vegetables for a bodybuilding diet, spinach and broccoli are the vegetables that often come to mind. But a great bodybuilding food to add to the menu is asparagus. It isn't unusual for top bodybuilders to make a meal out of asparagus when training for an upcoming competition. The main reason behind this is simple: asparagus is a natural diuretic. This means asparagus is the bodybuilding food that you can rely on when you want to get rid of excess subcutaneous water.

When bodybuilding and planning your diet, be sure to include the staples such as fish and chicken for protein, and pasta and rice for carbohydrates. But don't forget about three body building foods that can help you reach your goals as well: raw onions, beef liver, and asparagus.