Foodsaver vacuum sealers let you keep your food fresh five times longer than usual types of storing. The vacuuming technic has been used in fishing and hunting for decades.

How Does a Foodsaver vacuum sealer works ?

You put the food you need to store in a Foodsaver bag. There is a hose that basically suck the air out of the bag, the vacuuming process. Then the device heats up the bag and seal it.

Should I Get The SmartSeal Technology ?

It depends on your budget. This feature will surely help you vacuum sealing because you just have to push a button and it will be done for you. You will not have to decide yourself when to seal the bag once vacuuming is done. It is not the most important option of the device but if you can afford it, it is worth it. No worries about the fact that you should have left the sucking system work longer.

What You Should Expect From a Vacuum Sealer ?

You can store your food longer than if you use a classic container like a box or a zipper bag. Because of the vacuuming, the air cannot alter your food anymore. The major factor in food turning bad is the air.

You spend less money on food. You can buy your meat or vegetables in bulks, seal them with the Foodsaver vacuum and freeze everything until you will need them to cook.

Buying in bulks allows you to have more food at home so you do not have to go groceries shopping as often as before. That also means that you will not be tempted to buy that extra bag of chips or candy that you do not need. You save a big amount of time.

Another advantage of vacuuming is for marinated food. It only takes about 10 minutes to marinated your meat or vegetables instead of an overnight. Even chefs use that method when cooking. A great example is the Iron Chefs when cooking 5 dishes in kitchen stadium in 60 minutes. They do not have time to marinate their food but vacuuming makes it faster.

The space used is far less intrusive. Because everything is in a bag, no room is left for air especially if you used to store your food in boxes.

What Do I Need To Buy ?

Most FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System come with a starter kit that is plastic bags so you can start using your device right from the start. Then you will have to buy your own Foodsaver bags because you will not be able to reuse them especially if you store raw meat or unpasteurized cheese. They have bacteria that might not be washed from the bag so it will make you sick after a few times.

Is It Just For Food ?

It can be used to seal your creams and bottles before traveling. You avoid having your liquids leaking everywhere in your bag. You can also store your silverware and jewelry because they rust with time when they stay in contact of air.