Fool Proof Blog Business

I have written four blogs with the main purpose to earn money with them. I claimed my domains after due consideration about the targeting audience and the catchy name of the url. My blogs are about:

1. Coxing: Information for and by coxswains (rowing sport);

2. Lockpicking: Information about lockpicking (sport);

3. Make your own green energy;

4. Save energy at home.

The last two sites are made together with a good friend of mine. We choose to aim at slightly different targeting audiences, but we can affiliate each others products quite easily. We also give our prospects the opportunity to get the others book with a reduced fee. Coorperation is King, because his efforts in advertising his blog and product will increase my traffic and sales considerably.

We decided to put our e-books to Plimus (Clickbank is also quite good) to streamline the check-out of our e-sales. Plimus or Clickbank are also real money making machines because you can give people the opportunity to become an affiliate of your product. Their visitors will be able to buy your product, while you haven't put any time or money in making those sales. The only downpoint is that you will have to pay a high commission to your affiliate per sale. At the other hand, you don't have to do anything to generate these sales! Affiliating your e-products makes it possible to stop pouring loads of money in your own Adwords campaign and will increases your income at the same time.

The first two blogs have made my some money, but aren't yet popular enough to generate a steady income. The lockpicking site offers tons of information and short movies about how to pick different kinds of locks. A side page of the blog offers visitors the chance to buy an e-book with more information. I haven't written that book, nor have I made any of the movies. Frankly, I am not interested in lock picking. However I noticed that there is money to make in offering information about picking locks. I made it clear on my site that I am against theft and picking locks of doors of houses and cars that are someone elses property. The books and information is aimed at Locksport enthusiast.

All blogs are made with the free Wordpress software. Wordpress offers a wide varierity of free website designs and plugins which are easy to use. Almost every serious bloggers and e-business entrepeneur uses this software.

In your start-up phase it's best to invest some money in a small Google Adwords or Facebook Ads campaign to get some visitors. Watch out with your ads click-per-rate budget! You don't want to pay rediculous amounts of money to get a single visitor! The appropriate click-per-rate fee depends on your precise product and audience, though. Anyhow, I would start with 5 t0 10 cents a click.

Good luck!