Foot health care is central. Our feet bear us all day long. If our feet are not properly maintained by good shoes, every step we take will be a shock to our body.

Health care practitioners in this area care for conditions such as spurs, overlapping toes and over pronation. Fitness practitioners also treat conditions such as arch pain, ingrown toenails and Morton’s Neuroma.

Without proper care, we damage not only our feet but the other supporting muscles and joints in our lower body. A number of shoes have all kinds of protection built in. Proper maintenance of this part of the body is especially vital for nurses and other groups whose feet are subject to a lot of strain. It is extremely essential for diabetics, athletes and pregnant women.

Foot Care Shoes

Foot care shoes with motion control assist people whose arches are overly flexible and collapse easily. Even when twisted, footwear with good motion control remains rigid through the arch.

Shoes and boots built with slip resistance help to stabilize your feet when you are walking or running, thereby reducing your threat of injury from tripping or falling while walking around looking at Mexican Talavera or a potters wheel or running on steep and uneven surfaces. Footwear that is slip resistant is available in very small kids’ sizes because the manufacturers cater to children who are just beginning to walk.

Boots and shoes devised with air cushions offer shock protection for the feet. The air cushions decrease the impact that walking or running has on the heel. In that way, the air cushions provide comfort beneath our feet. Some air cushions help to improve stability as you walk, while others perform the role of a light cushion.

Shoes such as MBT shoes and Shape Up optimum shoes are designed to build up the back and tone muscles. Some are said to encourage weight loss and reduce cellulite in the bargain. Some of the shoes designed for protecting our feet are not very attractive, since the designers center more on their function-helping to reduce the pain caused by osteoarthritis in the knee and also helping to treat and prevent problems in the hips and legs-than their form.

Usually, shoes designed for this purpose are suggested by a physiotherapist or chiropractor. They are usually quite effective but their price is not cheap.

Some shoes and boots are made with thermal linings, which help to keep the feet warm through winter. Some linings are made of neoprene, a man made rubber that protects against scrapes even while it adds support to the foot. Neoprene is also known as polychloroprene.

Foot Comfort

Foot fungus and smelly feet are decreased with breathable antimicrobial linings. Breathable mesh antimicrobial lining are made of antimicrobial treated materials. These linings lessen odor in the shoe. Shoes and other forms of clothing benefit from this technology, preventing the distress that is associated with odor causing bacteria. They support foot health care by reducing the danger of developing fungal skin infections.

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How to Take Care of Your Feet