Smelly feet prevention and treatment

Getting rid of foot odor

When you are plagued by constant foot fungus odor, you become embarrassed by your smelly feet. That time of day when everyone comes home and kicks off their shoes is not a relief to you. You are almost afraid to remove your shoes knowing that the daily assault of complaints and smelly feet jokes is about to fly.

When your odorous feet damage your self-esteem, you will try almost anything to get rid of the smell permanently.

Foot odor is a natural problem caused by bacteria rapidly growing on sweaty feet. The bacteria feeds on dead skin cells that fall off in your socks and shoes. It is this increase of bacteria, not the sweating that causes the foot smell. While one-sixth of the population suffers from this problem daily, many do not know the cause or how to control the smell. 

These preventive practices can help you take control of this irritating issue conclusively. First, you should wash your feet daily. Wash them in warm, soapy water, paying careful attention to the areas between toes. Next dry your feet very thoroughly and powder before donning your socks and shoes. Special foot powders are made to limit moisture caused by sweat and reduce any bacterial growth.

You can also soak your feet. Soaking relaxes the muscles in your feet and inhibit bacterial growth on them. Soaking does not take long, only 10 minutes daily in white vinegar, black tea, or salt water for a couple of days to see major improvement in your stinky foot syndrome.

Other ways to help reduce both the bacteria and the foot fungus odor it generates are to wear moisture wicking socks like those made of cotton. There are also socks that are moisture smart on the market now. They are socks designed to absorb the sweat and keep feet dry.

Simply changing your socks more frequently also helps, especially when you exercise. You should also take off your shoes and socks whenever you do not need to wear them. This allows your feet time to breathe and gives them time to dry out thoroughly.

Shoes that are made with breathable materials aid in keeping your feet dry as well. They reduce the perspiration and help circulate the air in your shoes. Having multiple pair of shoes helps because you can then rotate them more frequently. This gives your shoes time to really dry out and helps reduce the moisture that growing bacteria thrive in.

Foot odor remedies such as these give quick and immediate relief. However, they are not something you do once and they will last forever. Having smelly feet is something that you need to keep up with. Add it to your personal hygiene routine, like brushing your teeth every day.

To stay rid of foot odor forever, you have to maintain a proactive approach. By continually attacking and eliminating the bacterial growth, you are stopping this problem at its source. You will be stopping the bacteria, the family and friend complaints and the smell, cold. You will not just be temporarily relieving the annoyance and irritating symptoms that chronic foot fungus odor brings with it.