If this is the year you have decided to do some more pampering at home, instead of spending all your money at the spa, and have decided your feet is where you are going to start, then you should check out all the latest gadgets on the market now for pampering your feet. Especially foot scrubbers.

Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber
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(price as of Sep 13, 2018)
Body & Sole Foot Scrubber & Massager, Pearl Blue, Foot-shaped Pad, Liquid Soap Sample Included
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another style that works well.


You can purchase a bath for feet, and try some really good soaks, that will for sure soften your feet and soothe your soul. But if you have a serious case of rough, and dry soles, there are some really cool scrubbers and brushes on the market now.

One in particular looks a little scary, as you may think it is some kind of torture shoe, but it actually does a wonderful job, and that is the Avivo Shower Sandal Scrubber. Avivo Shower Sandal Footscrubber

 They don't recommend you use this on really cracked and sore ones, or feet with open wounds, it is more of a good scrub on dry skin. This is basically a scrub brush, but instead of trying to reach down and scrub your feet in an awkward position in the shower, or in the tub, or just not scrub at all, you actually just rub them back and forth on this shower sandal scrubber.

There are suction cups on the bottom of this shower scrubber, and you activate the suction cups first in the bottom of your shower or tub, or on the floor works too, and make sure they are activated so it doesn't move around, and then you place them in the sandal and rub it back and forth. You can get it wet first and add soap to help scrub, then rinse off.  It feel really good and actually rejuvenates you!

This kind of reminds me of those shoe scrubbers you used to have at the back door to get mud off of shoes! This scrubber, does the job and really gives the whole bottom of your sole a great scrub and massage.

Obviously you have to be careful with this, and make sure the suction cups are working before you start rubbing back and forth, but the benefits are great.

You obviously use this for one at a time, but the best way is to activate the suction cups in the bottom of the shower or tub with a bit of water, and then find something to hold on to, and then give a good scrub, then switch.  Holding on to something really helps you give it the pressure to really get into the soles of your feet.

One of the reasons this scrub does the trick is because you have your body weight on this, and it really gets the entire area scrubbed and massaged.

There are many brushes and pumice stones and emery sticks to try and scrub that dead dry skin off the soles and especially the bottom of the heels, but this simple design of scrubbing without having to reach with your arms works well. So, if you are looking for simple little gadgets to help you pamper your feet, consider this one.

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