Famous Football Clubs History

Football or Soccer to our American friends has all but taken over the world of sport. In Europe especially clubs are raking in the cash from TV and advertising deals. The top players more now than ever can command huge wages and sponsorship deals.  What however is the History of these fooball clubs and where did they come from.

You might be surprised to learn  that unlike the big manufactured franchises of US sports some of the worlds most famous football and successful club history started in the most humble of circumstances.  This is true not only of clubs in the UK but also across the world.  Its impossible to list the origins of every  teas but many started in similar ways to the examples I will mention in this article.


Since football consists of 11 players per team I have decided to pick 11 clubs.


Manchester City Club Football Club

Formed as Ardwick FC in 1894.  They were formed by Anne Connell daughter of a local vicar in Gorton, Manchester as a means to keep young men from drinking and idleness


mcfc badge

Manchester United Football Club:

Formed as Newton Heath FC in 1887 in Lancashire. They were started by a group of railway workers.


Everton Football Club:

Formed by a group of Methodist Church goers in 1887. By all account the local reverend gave them his blessing


Liverpool Football Club:

Formed in 1892: When Everton moved grounds their own landlord decide to start his own team


Arsenal Football Club:

Formed as Woolwich Arsenal in 1886 by a group of munitions south London workers, They dropped the Woolwich when they moved north and became the only team ever to buy themselves into the football league


West Ham United Football Club:

Formed in 1895 as an iron works team. Hence the nickname “the irons” and a club badge to reflect this


AC Milan:

Formed in 1899 by an English expat named Alfred Edwards. Hence the reason why the club are call Milan not Milano  - He insisted on the English spelling


Inter Milan:

Formed 1908 as a breakaway group from AC but keeping the English spelling. The players wanted to play a more free flowing style of football. Ironic having won the champions league in 2010 in quite the opposite manner.



Formed in 1904 from early days the club essentially shipped in Africans to work in local factories and play football


Dynamo Moscow:

Formed in 1887 by an entrepreneur. He placed an ad in the times and asked for engineers to work and emigrate in Russia but also asked they could play football


River Plate:

Formed in 1901 again by British Expats hankering for a hint of home. However they came to epitomise Argentinean football


So in future when you are watching the star studded teams playing in top stadia remember where the game has come from. Even today team are forming from equally humble origins that due to the dream football offers may one day rub shoulders with the best.   The history of our football clubs is rich and varied and will continue to be made every day.