Football Cakes and Cupcakes can Really Make Your Party Pop!

Parties are never complete without cakes. Especially for children, cakes make the event even more special if there is a specially decorated cake in the center of the party table. Nowadays, cakes have become more decorated and very attractive, catering to any theme. Even cupcakes are given more styles and appeal by many cake experts. Cupcakes  can be designed according to the theme of the party and  also made into a tower. A football themed party will be perfect with cakes or cupcakes of the same theme. There are lots of party supplies that can be used to make this a reality. Here are some of the football themed supplies that can be used for cakes and cupcakes.


Wilton Mini Football Silicone Mold

 This mini football mold can make mini cakes or cupcakes that are shaped like a small football. The mini cake or cupcakes can be designed and served during dessert or cake time in a party.



Football Cake Toppers 10ct

 A football cake will be complete with this cake topper set of football players. This will surely make a cake fully decorated and styled the way the celebrant would like it to be. The package includes 8 football players and 2 goal posts. The players measure about 1 1/2" in height while the goal posts are 4 1/2" high.


Wilton First And Ten Football Pan

Creating a football shaped cake will be easy with this football pan. It is made of quality anodized aluminum construction. Its measurements run about 12 by 7-3/4 by 3 inches. This is easy to wash and includes an easy to follow instructions on how to use it.


NFL Lay-on Cake/Cupcake Decorations

 These football inspired decorations can be used on cakes or cupcakes. This includes designs like football, helmet, flags and many others. These will certainly make a cake look more attractive and football-like.



Wilton Football Baking Cups

If the party will feature cupcakes as the centerpiece, it is best to use these football baking cups. It is made of quality and thick paper to make sure that the cupcakes will hold still. It is fully decorated with stuffs associated with football. These baking cups will match well with a football themed party.


24-pc Mini Football Rubber Ducky Party Favors

 These cute duck footballers are perfect for any cake or cupcake in a football themed party. If the celebrant is just a baby, then this could be great additions to the cake as decorations. It can also be given as party favors. The package includes 24 football rubber duckies.


Football Cupcake Picks - 12ct

This cupcake pick can be placed on a cupcake or even cake slices and makes them even more football inspired. Each football picks measures 1.5 inches long. This comes in a package of 12 picks.


Football - 3 Inch Cake Decorating Pick/Bookmark

This classic pick can add more style and personal touch to the cake or cupcake. It is made of durable plastic so it can be reused. It can also be given as party favor as it is also designed to be a bookmark.


Football Cupcake Rings

This is perfect for football designed cupcakes. The ring measures about 2 inches. It can give the cupcakes a unique look and style. Each set contains 12 rings to use.


Football Baking Cups 50ct

These baking cups are perfect for football themed parties with cupcakes as their main cake for the celebrant. These will even make the cupcakes more attractive and fun to look at. The baking cups are microwaving safe. It comes in a set of 50 cups.


Boston Red Sox Cake Decorating Kit

The cake kit includes 12-team logo DecoPics, 1 home plate with a vibrant team logo, 1 mini home plate with a baseball bat and easy-to-follow decorating instructions. This will make one be able to style their cake. The components of this kit are made of durable plastic and are reusable.


Football Party Cakes and Cupcakes Items


Football - Party Pick Cake Rings

These party picks are shaped like a football and will be suitable if the theme of the party is football. Each pack includes 12 picks that can be used on cakes or cupcakes.


Wilton Helmet Pan

Football Party Cakes and CupcakesCredit:

This pan will perfectly create a football helmet shaped cake. It is made of aluminum and measures 12.75 x 10.5 x 2 inch deep. This is easy to wash and very durable.


Wilton Football Topper Set With Decals

This cake topper set has various stuffs that can be put on a football themed cake. It comes with cake toppers and candles with football designs.



This is made of thick and durable paper and safe for microwave cooking. Using these is the best way to dress up a cupcake the football style.


NFL Layon-Oakland Raiders Cake Topper

This cake topper set features the Oakland Raiders. It will make a cake look like a real playing field and will complete the football themed party.




These football candles can be placed on cakes or cupcakes. They are football inspired and will make a cake look very unique. Add more fun to the party by putting up these candles on the celebrant’s cake. Each pack includes 6 candles.


Standard Baking Cups: Football, 50/Pkg.

Cupcakes will even look greater with these football designed baking cups. Let this cups handle the cupcakes and make them more fitted for the football themed party of the celebrant. Each pack includes 50 baking cups. Paper is made of durable material.


WILTON FOOTBALLS ICING Decorations 710-478

To make the cake even more fun and appropriate for the football theme, football icing will surely attract everyone’s attention. These football-icing decorations can be placed on cakes, cupcakes and even on cookies.


Bar Mitzvah Football Themed Cake Topper


The cake topper measures 4 inches by 4 inches and 1/2 inch thick. This will certainly add beauty and appeal to the cake. This can even be personalized for a message.


Football Party Cakes and Cupcakes Items