Whether you'll be coaching in the NFL, coaching your son's Youth Football team, or calling plays in NCAA Football 2011 on your PS3, learning to make a good football play call is crucial to your success.

There are a few keys to remember in order to make the best football play call:

  1. Scout your opponent. If you are able to get film on them, that helps. Draw on past experience if you know the coach (or video gamer) you'll be playing against, too.
  2. Develop a plan. Gut instinct is only one part of the equation for making a your next football play call.
  3. Figure out what the best plays for your opponent are and decide how to attack their offense.
  4. Find weaknesses in their defense. Decide how you can attack those weaknesses.
  5. Remember your strengths. Do what you do best.
At this point, you haven't even gotten into the game. Preparation is the key to making the right football play call during your next game.

You'll want to prepare a play call sheet for your game. If you do lots of preparation but don't put anything down on paper to take with you into the game, you'll get caught up in the adrenaline rush of the competition and forget all you planned. At that point, you are only calling on gut instinct.
Urban Meyer
Your football play call sheet should have a few options for you to call in every situation the game presents. Situations may be based on down and distance or based on field position, or other situations like 2 minute drill, last play of the half, or first play of the game.

Have more options for 1st & 10, while you may only need one option for 4th & Goal or a 2-Point Conversion play to win the game. In those crucial situations, however, you definitely want to have a plan to make the right football play call.

During the game, be willing to adjust your plan if the opponent is doing something you did not expect or if your plan just isn't working. But remember to stay true to yourself, and do what you do best. When you make a football play call you want to dictate to the opponent, not the other way around.

If you take the time to prepare yourself, you will be able to make the right football play call in your next game and win the game!