Cancer is one of the leading non-communicable killer diseases in the world. In such places as Australia, it has overtaken other diseases as the leading medical condition. The World Health Organization says that in the next 20 years, this disease will rise by 57%, becoming a human disaster. We do know the devastating effects of this problem on the human body. This article explains the Christian perspective of this condition known for its tumors, and brings to the fore how divine healing for the same is a reality.

Overview from a Medical Perspective

Cancer is a medical condition that describes a group of diseases, which affect many parts of the body. It results from abnormal cell growth, where cells divide and form malignant tumors.
Among the causes of this condition are carcinogens like tobacco, gasoline fumes, radioactive material, and asbestos. Other causes are bad diet, viruses, lack of exercise, obesity, age, and hereditary factors.
The disease develops when infected cells grow in the body through bloodstream or lymphatic systems, which in turn destroys healthy tissue. In addition, these cells divide, grow, and produce new blood cells to live on.
There are as many as 200 cancerous conditions, but broadly speaking they fall into four divisions as under:
·    Leukemia: affects bone marrow and accumulates in the blood stream.
·    Carcinoma: affects cells that cover internal/external organs, resulting in lung, breast, and colon cancer.
·    Lymphoma: originates in the lymph nodes and immune system.
·    Sarcoma:  affects cells in bone, cartilage fat, connective tissue, muscle, and other support tissue.


There are three main types of medical treatment for the disease namely, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Surgery involves the removal of the diseased part like breast or other part. At times, it may not succeed fully as diseased cells could move just beyond the part under operation. The second method of radiation subjects the affected cells to intense energy to kill them. Chemotherapy uses a combination of drugs to hinder the multiplication of affected cells. No doubt, there are people who recover and others who do not and yet others who fall sick again.

Doctors are no doubt great people who do their best to save lives, and have rescued many cancer sufferers. However, they can only work by what they see with their eyes and cannot deal with what is outside of their physical senses and mental analytical ability.

cancerous conditionCredit: Wikimedia

Full Gospel Christian Perspective

The Christian perspective is that behind every living body exists a spirit, without which the body would be dead (James 2:26). Inside a tumor is an evil spirit, which makes it alive within the human body. Evil spirits capitalize on defective cells; move in and make houses for themselves within a human body. Thus, it is a body within the body.

A crab represents cancer, (the Zodiac sign Cancer has a crab symbol) and feeds on rotten substance in normal circumstances. This disease behaves the same way, where the evil spirit inside the tumor causes rot in the body and then begins to feed on the same. Since a spirit does not have physical properties, scientific equipment cannot detect it. An evil spirit can stay there under the doctor’s activity and remain undisturbed in many cases. In deed, genuine Christian doctors acknowledge God as the ultimate healer.

Malignant tumors take different shapes since they are a reflection of the shapeless evil spirits within them. Some are big and others are small but all of them are tormentors, for that is the definition of the word demon.

Divine Healing

Supernatural healing works in a different way than medical procedures. Whereas the medical way is to destroy the tumor, the Christian faith way is to expel the spirit hiding in the tumor after which the latter falls apart. A Christian who is under the anointing of the Holy Spirit has the mandate to cast out evil spirits in the Name of Jesus Christ. Casting out demons is not the preserve of preachers, but is also open to lay members as long as they believe in Jesus in keeping with Mark 16;15.

When an evil spirit is cast out of the tumor by the authority of the Name of Jesus, the tumor has to die then fall apart since a body without a spirit is dead. The dead stuff leaves the body if it has passage through one of the human body’s openings. However, if does not have a direct way to get out, the body breaks it down and the blood moves it around until it is finally eliminated. When the body is purging the rot, the person may feel very sick but, in truth, they have their healing and it is only that the toxic dead cancerous matter affects the body on its way out. After this, new tissue rebuilds.

Evils spirits are cunning and try to persuade the person that healing has not happened. They do this by sending doubts to the person. It is important to understand that if an evil spirits gets a person to believe healing has not happened doubt will bring back the evil spirit, and thus the cancer. Take the case of a dog that has been struck dead by a car, after two days the carcass by the roadside swells giving the impression that it is about to come back to life. In reality, that is the final step before if falls apart and decays. Therefore, if a person who has had deliverance understands this they will retain their healing. The fever that follows deliverance is just the evidence that healing has taken place.


In spite of skepticism and attacks by those who do not believe in divine healing, the fact is that it is a reality and cases of those who have recovered after prayers of faith abound. Faith in the Name of Jesus drives and has driven out thousands of cancer spirits. Understanding that it is the work of evil spirits makes it easy to believe for deliverance by having them cast out.