In light of the recent decline in the real estate market, more people than ever want to go the route of for sale by owner, or FSBO, when it comes time to sell their homes or properties. If you have considered the FSBO route then you no doubt are wondering what the best for sale by owner sites are and how they can benefit you in your FSBO quest.

While you can spend an entire day looking through the hundreds to thousands of for sale by owner sites that are currently available, you will be hard pressed to find any that are better than what most consider being the top three. These top three FSBO site are:

1. has been helping people sell their own homes without having to pay for high commissions since 1999. The site offers a place where potential buyers can look and also allows you to be able to list your property with them for a very reasonable price. Once your listing is up it will have the chance to be viewed by the more than 2 million visitors that go to the site on a weekly basis. Additionally, the website features many free tips and tricks all designed to help you sell your home fast.
2. has a one-time fee that is very affordable and the services they offer are some of the best in the business. They have a section on the website for those who are interested in buying, which of course includes a way to search their vast database of homes that are for sale by owner, and also a separate section for those looking to sell the FSBO way. Additionally, has specials services for those looking to buy or sell homes and properties on their own abroad.
3., like the other top two, has sections dedicated to both the buy and the seller. They also deal in international real estate being sold by owner and even have a section dedicated to help business owners sell their businesses by themselves. What's more, they have a special section that will tell potential buyers of upcoming open houses in their areas when they conduct a search. Their fees are as reasonable as any in the for sale by owner industry and they too offer a lot of bang for your buck.

While you can always go to a real estate agent, when it comes to selling your home or property, it all comes down to dollars and cents. The typical real estate commission charged by an agent can be many thousands of dollars. This is money that can surely be better spent elsewhere.

With the ease of use and the affordability of these top three for sale by owner sites, you too can tackle the challenge of selling your own home and get a leg up on the competition because you will have access to so many resources. Selling your home on your own doesn't have to be a nightmare; you just have to make sure you are getting the right type of help.