There was an interesting article in the October 10, 2011 edition of "For Women First" magazine that discussed how you can lower your weight set points, lose weight and never regain it.  What are weight set points you ask? The belief that your body will always go back to its original weight no matter how much you dieted and exercised.  This belief cause people to think that they are destined to be fat or overweight and that there is nothing they can do about it. 

According to For Women First, researchers have connected your body-weight set points to a certain hormone called Leptin.  Moreover, these researchers claim that if you are overweight it is most likely that you have Leptin resistance. When balance of that hormone is restored, then your weight set points are lowered so fat melts away and even better-it stays away.

Confused? If you are Leptin resistant when your body sends an "I'm full" message to the brain, it just doesn't hear it. As a result, you stay hungry all of the time and can never seem to eat enough to satisfy that hunger.  In contrast when the "I'm full" message is sent to a brain that is sensitive to Leptin, hunger signals stop and you can go much longer without eating.


The reason why women regain weight after losing it


According to For Women First, "as long as Leptin resistance persists, so will the weight-preserving response-which is why most many women find their weight-loss success so short-lived."  " The body is going to go back to the higher set point, says Dr. Isaacs, this is the whole reason why 98 percent of people gain weight back after they lose it."

Dr. Isaacs also states: When you improve Leptin sensitivity, it allows the body to lose weight and maintain the weight loss because it's now able to listen to the hormonal signals.


How To Increase You Leptin Sensitivity

Moderate-intensity exercise on a regular basis like a good walking program.


Things you can incorporate in your walking program

  • Breaths of Fire
  • Have correct  posture when walking-it really affects your energy-slumping compresses the lungs and cuts oxygen.
  • Make a mental not of how you feel everything you accomplish a walking milestone
  • Make your steps count-high intensity walking benefits the body 2 times more than moderate intensity exercises.
  • Try Bursting- These are simulate walking "burst" in increments of one minute. This is done if you are too tired to leave the house
  • Take Baby Steps-Don't push yourself too fast
  • Have a pre-walk chocolate
  • Make it a calming and comforting ritual

All the women featured in this issue lost considerable amounts of weight using this program.  This program is also similar to a few walking programs featured in Woman's World Magazine.