Market yourself with your articles

If you're looking for an online income, and you have a knack for writing about any given subject, then you will always be able to get work through companies such as Freelancer and the many other article marketing sites available on line today.

To actually make a living working in this field, you have to rise above the rest. Make your work stand out from the crowd. Get noticed in a sea of competition while you're floating in a proverbial inner tube. Getting your stuff out there and actually making a living at it can be a very stressful order.

Most writers will submit their articles to various publications and then just sit back and wait for some response. This alone may get you a small job or two, but it's going to be a tough way to make a meager income. Marketing an article, no matter what the subject, is something that will require some time and effort on the part of the writer. Over and above simply sending the article in and waiting, you have to follow your dreams a little deeper then this or they will be just that, dreams.

Lets take an example. Pete writes the best article of his life on "Home Building by the Layman Home Owner." Joe writes a mediocre article on the same subject.

Pete submits his article and then goes to the beach to hang out and wait for the bucks to roll in. Joe on the other hand stays with his article. He may spend an hour posting it on various blogs or social networks. He may ask all his friends on Facebook or MySpace to check his article out and even solicit comments and reviews from them at the sites he's posted.

Soon Joe's article starts to pile up the views.The reviews are coming in hot and heavy and the rating on his article goes straight up. Very soon the article is picked up for syndication on thousands of independent sites. Joe's article has gone viral and his name now rises above the rest.

Meanwhile Pete's at the beach and so are the people from the site he submitted to while his great article is sitting on their desktop, waiting for approval. Taking this point one step further, Joe has submitted to many sites not just one. His article is circulating the net now. Pete's getting burnt in more ways then one. The Pete and Joe saga ends with Joe quickly buying his own piece of beach.

If your happy being one of the Petes of the world, keep doing what your doing. The beaches need renters too. If you want to become an average Joe, then follow these easy steps.

Sit down at your desk and write the best article you have ever written. Submit the article to every on line article submission site, every blog, your MySpace and Facebook pages. Every friend you ever had from kindergarten when you first learned to read and write should be reading this article. Get them to rate it and review it and critique it and reproduce it. Resubmit it again and again until your Google finger is Goggled and your Bing is broken.

Making sure to include a short bio is a must. Always include the fact that you are available for freelance work and leave your contact info somewhere easy to find within the article. After all if people can't find you they can't hire you. Every available option to market this article should be pursued. If you continue this, eventually, you'll reach your audience.

There is one more thing that will help on the way to notoriety. Know your article is the best it can be and communicate that in your writings. Let how passionate you feel for the subject at hand come through to the reader, so they want to get to know you. Always make sure you have a grasp of the topic, to the point you can answer questions when posted because they will be posted. After all, this is your best stuff and you believe it should be read. Get your article and other writing out there, keep getting it out there and you will succeed.