The latest addition to the library of business books is from author Bob Sellers with Forbes Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps into Success. Sellers’ brings us a series of interviews from some of the world's top business leaders, with their stories designed to provide a practical in-sight into how they learned from their mistakes and used this to move their careers forward.

This is Bob Sellers’ latest book from a career that has spanned some 20 years. Sellers’ comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the business world having worked at both CNBC and Fox News and the author of many books.

The interviews are divided into four parts. Part 1 deals with the legends and gurus of the business world and covers the famous names of Jack Welch, John C. Bogle, Peter Lynch, Bill Gross, William O'Neil, Jim Rogers, Mohamed El-Erian and Robert Prechter . Part 2 covers chief executives and provides interviews  with Arthur Blank, David Novak, Dr. Bill Frist, Barbara Corcoran, Steve Forbes, Danny Wegman, Gary Goldberg , Jerry Levin  and R.J. Kirk. Part 3 of the book moves onto the next generation of business leaders and has contributions from Meredith Whitney, Jason Kilar, Ian Bremmer, Jim Buckmaster and John Cappelletti. The final part of the book looks at business personalities and has offerings from Suze Orman, Jim Cramer, Mark Cuban, Ben Stein, Arianna Huffington, Herb Greenberg, Arthur Laffer and Dave Ramsey.

The premise of the book is to provide the reader with practical examples of how some of the most successful in the business world have learnt from their mistakes and how they have used these mistakes as a means for them to go onto greater success. Sellers’ emphasis is mistakes made in business, rather than being a negative, are one of the most powerful ways in which we learn and can be a major conductor to making a change in our career path. Sellers also addresses how mistakes can summon and focus our creativity as it puts us out of a comfort zone and in turn how this can create opportunities that we would not have otherwise seen or been presented with.

Sellers gathers a very impressive group of business leaders covering a wide range of industries and extremely varied in how their careers have progressed. It’s certainly one of the better business books I have read recently and I enjoyed gaining insight from both the more familiar business leaders I have been following for years and to read about new up and comers that I am sure we will see plenty of in the future. I have certainly made my share of mistakes in business and it is refreshing to hear from others, particularly at this level, to discuss some of theirs too.

Some do criticise Sellers for the book being more entertainment rather than education, however I believe Forbes Best Business Mistakes: How Today's Top Business Leaders Turned Missteps into Success achieves both in that it is a good read while at the same time being another good source of insight into the complex and yet fascinating world of business.