So where and how did it all begin? Ask people what the most famous motor vehicle manufacturer is and they will normally say Ford. Ford Motor company was founded by Henry Ford born in the United States of America in eighteen sixty-three in Michigan. He moved to what is known now as the world capital of motor vehicle production Detroit. There he worked his way through engineering shops until one day he decided in nineteen zero three to start the Ford Motor Company.

His plans where to make the first affordable production motor vehicle in the world. He also started the first ever production line. Workers stood in one position and the car that was to be built would move into their individual workstation. Once the car is with them, they would fit the piece of equipment - whether it is the engine, wheels or doors. Once finished the car moves on to the next worker and he/she starts the process all over again. The whole process from start to finish only took a fraction of the time it would if the workers had to manoeuvre all the individual parts around the factory.

The effects this had on the local economy were fantastic. Henry Ford had to pre order every single part needed to build the model T ford as they had to be at the fingertips of every worker for the production line to function, as it should. So Henry Ford could order in huge numbers driving down the cost for the Ford Motor Company making them very competitive and in a class of their own.

Since those humble beginnings, the Ford Motor Company has grown into one of the largest motor vehicle manufactures in the world today. They now not only build cars but also can boast manufacturing Vans, Trucks, Busses to name just a few. The model range is just too large to list and I am sure if you ask a mature driver they will have very exciting stories of their favourite ford cars, because ford-marketing strategy made the motor vehicle seem like a part of the family and people even named their cars.

So, as you can imagine, the technology of the motor vehicle has moved on since the Model T Ford. We have intelligent headlights that move around the corner just before you get to it, they have electronic power assisted steering, independent suspension, anti lock brakes to name just a few. The comfort and safety has changed just a little as you now have more air bags than you probably need, crumple zones.

When it comes to comfort it is hard to park at the end of the journey, as you may just want to drive around the block just one more time. This phenomenon is due to the gadgets and driving aids available at your fingertips, such as satellite navigation, radios and CD players, heated seats, lumber support, electrically operated seats and wing mirrors, parking censors, reversing cameras. As you can see, there is something for every one so get yourself down to the dealership and become part of the legend that is the Ford Motor Company.