Is it still one of the high runners or a falling junker?


First of all no matter what year or type of mustang, you have the sporty look. Second of all, they have a great deal of power, even the V6's. Not only do they have alot of power stock but also have alot of potential power with easy bolt on's to gain Horsepower. They handle great on the road and hug the turns like a race car without any modifications.


Although this car is awesome for racing, cruising, and even getting to point A to point B it had its downsides. Mustangs don't handle well in precipitation, at all. Mustangs in snow are like sleds. Mustangs in ran are like boats. It's as simple as that. If you are in a mustang out in wet weather, take your time. Another downside for the mustang is that its hard to find a good used one. With today's economy everyone is looking for a used car instead of new. You can deny it all you want, but at times you drove your mustang hard too. So even with the regular scheduled maintenence, you are wearing on the car more. It seems almost as if mustang actually wear alot more alot fast, especially newer ones. Could this be from the use of cheap parts? Everyone has their own opinion.

Full Review

First and foremost my first car was a 2002 Ford mustang which exceeded my expectations. I think had a 2005 GT which had incredible power and also could handles the turns. The cars had their ups and downs and normal maintenence and repairs but just like any car had its pro's and con's. Let's discuss it!

In Closing

So wether you are a mustang lover like myself or you have no opinion or you are completely against them, you have to give them a fair trial. Everyone has their own taste and mine is a mustang taste. Despite all of its con's, the pro's weigh much higher for me. My advice, if you have the opportunity to drive a mustang, do so. It will give you a new respect for Mustangs. Drive safe!

Thanks for reading!