If you want to make your Ford truck even tougher, try a Ford Ranger 4 Inch Suspension Lift Kit. As you know, a suspension lift is far superior to a body lift, even if it's the same lift height, so don't waste your hard earned money on something that you'll end up regretting later.

Buy it right the first time, that's my motto.

1991 Ford Ranger 4 Inch Suspension Lift

Why Just 4 Inches?

Because it's in the sweet spot of enough height without major expensive modifications to the drivetrain. Sure extreme lifts are fun, but they are also super expensive. The reason being is that the extra height will require longer parts - such as drive shafts. Making these modifications is very expensive, and usually aren't part of the kits themselves.

But 4 inches is plenty big to look awesome. In all actuality, this is actually a decent sized lift, and once you add some bigger tires, you'll get even higher off the ground.

What Is Included In A Lift Kit?

1988 Ford Ranger 4 Inch Suspension LiftThat depends on what kit you buy. Some companies include everything but the kitchen sink, while others just give you the bare bones and assume that you'll figure out the rest. Generally speaking, the more expensive a suspension lift costs, the better. Not only will it include most - if not all - the necessary parts, but it will actually be easier to install as well.

In fact, the cheaper bargain kits sometimes don't even include the bolts! But if you're a customizer who has access to parts that most of us could only dream about, then I suppose a cheap lift would work fine.

A good lift kit will include pretty much every suspension part that you'll need, including new springs, shocks or struts, bushings, mounting brackets, and more.

Who Makes 4 Inch Lift Kits For A Ford Ranger?

Pretty much every specialized 4x4 suspension company has an option for the Ranger. The truck is popular enough that it would be silly for them not to include a great product.

Superlift, Rough Country and the other big names in the four wheel drive circles make some great kits.

How To Install A 4 Inch Lift

It's a little beyond the scope of this article to discuss installing a suspension lift part by part, primarily because each kit will have slight variations. If you want to install it yourself, my advice would be to get the instructions that come with the kit and follow them to the letter. Don't skip any step or work too fast. Remember, a slight mix up could make your truck unstable.

And be ready with plenty of heavy duty tools. Chances are you won't need to weld anything, but you will need some strong wrenches that can withstand the high torques of suspension parts. An impact wrench is prefered, as it will not only make the job easier, but faster also. Plus, you can usually dial in the exact amount of torque on the wrench clutch, which is a very nice feature.

Or you could have your favorite mechanic install the lift kit for you. He'll probably charge you a pretty penny, but if he's good it's usually worth it.

Regardless of how you install it, a Ford Ranger 4 inch suspension lift kit is one of the best investments you'll ever make for the truck you love!