If you are looking for information on foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale then you can rest assured that you have come to the right place. We will first review foreclosure before proceeding to how it is performed with regards to the sale of the land contract.

Basically, foreclosure of property will take place whenever lending institutions institute the repossession of a property. The main trigger is when the owner of the property defaults on the repayment of the monthly property loan.

The mortgage enables the owner of the property to own the property’s title. However, it is the lender who will place liens on this property – at least until after the owner has fully repaid the property’s mortgage loan. Therefore, when the owner of the property defaults to make a repayment , the lender does have the right of foreclosing the property.

The Meaning behind Foreclosure of Property


Before a borrower obtains the property’s title, he may need the mortgage loan. However, lending institutions will only issue the loan after the borrower has agreed for the property in question to be used as the collateral. This way, lending institutions are assured that the loan will be repaid.

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Therefore, in case the borrower defaults on his or her repayments, then the lender can execute their right of collecting the loan they issued out. The lender will revoke the mortgage such as by reclaiming the borrower’s property. Then, the property will be sold at one foreclosure sale or the other to enable the lenders recovers the money they issued out as a mortgage loan.

Loan Default

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However, as you learn more about foreclosure sales, you should look for information on the loan default. To this end, keep in mind that property owners will default on loans when they fail to make the monthly repayments on the mortgage on time.

This means that the owner will have breached the land contract sale he signed with the lender. Therefore, the lending firm may get in touch with the owner of the property so as to understand the reasons behind the default.

Initial Process

The great thing you will learn with regards to foreclosure sales is that most of these land contract sales will allow borrowers a sizable and logical grace period. This way, the borrower still has a chance to pay up for the monthly mortgage loan and any other added late fees.

The lender will typically send a letter demanding for payment. The letter informs the owner of the property that he or she has defaulted on mortgage payments. Such letters are normally sent through certified mail. Once the period of grace is over and the borrow still continues being in default with regards to the mortgage terms, then the lender will be within the right side of the law to initiate the foreclosure proceedings.


Foreclosure of Property Subject To Land Contract Sale Proceedings

The proceedings with regards to the foreclosure of properties will depend on the state. For some states, lenders institute judicial foreclosure before obtaining court orders. Once the order is in hand, the lender can start looking for buyers for the property in question.

On the other hand, lenders can initiate non judicial foreclosures before allowing trustees to foreclose then sell that property. The terms set for in the land contract sale will be followed by lenders as they initiate the non judicial foreclosure.

Foreclosure Sale

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The foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale is of extreme importance both to the borrower and the lender. For starters, the owner of the property will get a certain pre specified period of time within which to try and redeem their rights of owning the property even before lenders start looking for new buyers. Again, this time frame will vary. This will depend on the state in which all this is happened.

Once this time frame that is required elapses, borrowers will get a notice with regards to the foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale. This way, the lending firm will have notified the borrower and owner of the property with regards to their intention of selling the property in question to be able to recover the money they set forth. Once this is done, the property can then be sold. This is normally done at foreclosure of property subject to land contract sales.

The laws in different states will determine the terms of the foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale. For instance, in California, the law states that the sale has to take place at the main address that was specified and stated on the document titled, “Notice of Sale”. Along the same lines, the sale has to be transacted during the business hours followed in California.

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The property will then be auctioned. The person or firm that has the highest bid will get the title transferred to tem. Once the payment arrangements have been made, the period of the foreclosure will come to an end.

Foreclosure Sales in the Modern Context

Today, foreclosure of property subject to land contract sales is increasingly becoming common. There are a number of reasons which we can rely on to explain this trend:

  • For starters, the world is seeing as slow but sure decline. This is mostly with regards to the values of real estate. Therefore, most people who took out mortgage loans are finding it very hard to make repayments. Their defaults are prompting the lending institutions to reclaim ownership of the properties and foreclose them
  • Then there is an economic recession that is being experienced globally. This invariably means that it is increasingly becoming hard for most people to meet their repayment responsibilities


In conclusion, therefore you can rest assured that there is never a shortage of foreclosure of property subject to land contract sale. Of course, the borrowers are losing. However, these sales are normally made at throw-away prices meaning there you can save money when you buy properties that are on foreclosure.