While dating women from China, you slowly learn more about them and their culture, at least enough for you to nurture a serious relationship with a lovely Chinese lady and make you want to take the next, big step: marriage. 

Even if you were planning to marry a woman from your own corner of the globe, this would involve a higher level of commitment, the highest level even, and imply that you are ready to take on the challenges of a married life.  When marrying a woman from a completely different cultural background, the commitment and preparation required are even bigger.  But when it comes to finding the right kind of love, no challenge is too great to overcome.  The most critical step you should be ready to take on when marrying a Chinese woman is learning and accepting her culture. 

As opposed to simply knowing the simple dos and don'ts when dating Chinese women, knowing enough Chinese to carry on simple conversations, and/or having enough knowledge of their beliefs and traditions to help you avoid uncomfortable or embarrassing situations, entering into marriage with your Chinese love will entail more than simply "knowing stuff." 

To any woman of China, family is very important, most especially her parents.  Whether or not you have a close relationship with your own parents, you will have to understand that your wife-to-be places a high value on her parents’ approval and opinions.  Before you even get any wedding preparations started, you will have to gain the approval of your partner’s parents and this is where your knowledge of their culture will come in very handy. 

Just as you have to be ready to accept your fiancée’s flaws together with her desirable traits, when you marry a woman from China, you also have to be ready to accept and respect her culture, even adopt some of them, as well as adapt your own beliefs and values to accommodate hers.  Even if some elements of Chinese culture seem silly to you, or really put your tolerance level and temper to the test, if you are really ready to commit to spending the rest of your life with this woman who is worlds different from you in so many ways, then you should also be ready to handle these "inconveniences" on a daily basis.  You have to be 101% sure that these "nuisances" are not relevant enough to make you want to get out of the relationship sooner or later. 

In spite of increasing influence from the west, it is still the culture she grew up in that will greatly determine what a China lady's expectations about a marriage will be.  Entering into a serious relationship with a foreign man may already intimate that she is willing to accept western norms and make some changes to her overall way of life and thinking.  At the same time, you also have to understand what her own expectations are and be ready to meet them, or to talk to her about how you can work together to ensure that your marriage will be a smooth one.  One of these expectations is that you will also be willing to make adjustments to make the marriage work. 

You have to remember that when a Chinese woman gets married, she truly treats this as a commitment for a lifetime, nothing less.  Despite the cultural dissimilarities and however unfamiliar certain aspects of your cross-cultural relationship/marriage may be, she will perform her duties as a devoted and faithful wife, the way her society molded her.  Marrying a China lady means learning to embrace her culture, but it also means you get to enjoy the invaluable traits this culture has instilled in your wife.