We all have the same question about our foreign lovers


        I'm noticing that it's becoming more popular for men of foreign countries to reach out to American or Canadian women. I've spoke with several women who have asked the same question. "Does he intend for us to truly be happy or could he be using me?"

 Being someone who has dated a man who lived in another country, I have picked up the tale-tell signs of what a genuine relationship is and how to predict the true and false.

Sweet talking is so much more interesting when accents are added. However this is where we can become lured in. We have no idea if this is just the way he speaks or if this is the tone he uses when he's trying to sugar coat a lie.

Don't get me wrong. Their are plenty of men who desire a woman from another nationality, but in the mix there are those who want nothing more than a citenzenship.


       There may be a difference in religion. With that being said men are taught to be the head of their household and to raise children of the same religious belief.

If he has'nt spoken with you about the difference and how it may affect your children if a marriage does occur, there is a strong chance that he is about the wrong thing.


       Every culture has their own marital traditions. For example: Some men are required to give a dowry.  Do research on his tradition, if he hasn't informed you of these things it may not be genuine. Explain how you've done research and ask how he feels about marriage traditions.


      How does his family treat you. I've noticed that lots of times the mother will not get involved if it's for wrong intentions. Ask about his mother in particular.


     If he is full of promises of what he'll do for you once he is in your country, this is not a good sign.  See how he reacts if you ask to pack up and move to him, this should make it clear.


I wish you luck and true love on this journey.

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