The 1980s Forever!

The 1980s, seemed to me an optimistic time, when anything seemed possible. Perhaps this feeling was merely the ignorance and subjectivity of youth, because when you look at what was happening around the world, at that time, there was actually a lot worry about. The 'Cold War' was pretty intense through the 80s and there was plenty of talk about 'the button' being pushed and setting off a nuclear war. There were also terrorist attacks, wars like the Iran-Iraq war, horrific droughts and other natural disasters like Hurricane Joan (1988), and Hurricane Hugo (1989) to name a few.What actually comes to my mind however, when I think back to the 80s is the good stuff. This no doubt, is due to looking back with  'rose coloured' glasses, but the era really was a lot of fun.

Madonna, was BIG in the 80s, actually I probably thought I was Madonna at one stage (such are the delusions of youth). However I was not alone, most of my friends also had the same 'shaggy poodle' hair-do, pearls around neck and er...interesting and now cringe worthy attire.

For those who enjoy a laugh, below is a small photo of me back in the 80s in 'Madonna mode', feel free to throw darts or add martian antennas if you so wish.

Back in the 80sCredit: me

Me back in the eighties

Do You Remember?

Do you remember break dancing and the giant 'getto blasters'?What about fluro fashion and 'Wham', singing Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go? Ok, did you ever wear one glove and think you were really cool? And MTV was hot, hot, hot and so was Prince. Michael Jackson was king and everybody had lots of cassettes. My brother however, spent lots of time dreaming about getting a Commodore computer and I spent too much time looking in the mirror (You're So Vain was 70s).

I remember, how I simply HAD to get some Glow Worms, but they broke within 2 seconds. Another time I took my young cousin to the movies to see Superman and covered her eyes when the kiss scene came on (we were innocent in those days) and I loved the Goonies. It's embarrassing but I used to love Knight Rider and think David Hasslehof, was a bit alright. Rob Lowe (what a naughty boy!) was the ultimate spunk, but some preferred Andrew McCarthy, Tom Cruise or Mel Gibson (that's before insanity). 'The Brat Pack', were the gilded idols of the times and some really, great movies were made like The Breakfast Club (I still love it!) and Back to the Future. Also I just remembered Eddie Murphy, when he used to be funny, so was Chevy Chase (corny is funny sometimes) and Robin Williams was a scream!


Theatrical release poster by Drew StruzanCredit: Wikipedia

Electronic Era

The era of the video game, exploded in the 80s, with: Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong (we had a Tron game but it overheated after 5 minutes). Also little hand-held electronic games were released like Nintendo's Game & Watch, which was absolutely everywhere and Sega and Nintendo became household words. And then who can forget Pac- Man? The song 'Computer Games' by New Zealand band Mi-Sex, expressed the new electronic era in song.

Computer Games


For those of us too old for a Teddy Ruxpin, Strawberry ShortcakeCabbage Patch Dolls or Masters of the Universe, fashion became serious business. Acid wash jeans, were a major craze, worn with a matching jacket (the mind boogles!) and a t-shirt with some off the shoulder action. I also had a swatch watch and Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses (cringe, cringe). Hair had to be BIG, Dynasty style and Joan Collins was a fashion goddess. Guys however, needed a serious mullet to be cool in any way (sad but true).

Michael J. Fox

the 40th Emmy Awards, August 1988.
Credit: Wikipedia


Luckily, whenever I am particularly nostalgic for the 80s, I can simply grab my 'Hits of the 80s' and dance to Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Culture Club, Lionel Richie, Whitney Houston (R.I.P) and all the other fantastic artists of the time. Or, I can have a 'video fest' and watch Dirty Dancing, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Rain Man (love this one!), Return of the Jedi or maybe Nightmare on Elm Street ( NO WAY) or Pretty In Pink. Then again I can simply have fun with my Rubik's Cube.

The 80s Grove

Yesterday Goodbye

Anyway I'm off now, I have to watch some Seinfeld re-runs and after that I'm making 'Cuisine Nouvelle' for dinner.