The amount of forex trading courses available is extraordinary these days, and the one that suits your neighbor may not be the one that suits you. It all depends what you're looking for in terms of strategies, charting methods and customer service – and most importantly, course content delivery. There are many ways in which these courses are delivered, for example one of the ones I invested in was delivered via a digital ebook and other materials available online, and supported by a forum, phone and email contact. Another forex trading course I bought was sent to me entirely on a USB stick, via the mail with little support.

So at the end of the day, the type of course you buy will depend very much on what you want. You may be asking why I bought more than one forex trading course right? Simply speaking, I love to collect information, and most of the courses I have invested in over the years have taught me plenty, and those that didn't I returned – or tried to. Always be careful with money back guarantees as there are often ways that the less scrupulous operators can get out of issuing refunds. I won't go into that here, or name names, but I'll say that it is important for you to be careful, and exercise your own due diligence before you invest in a forex trading course.

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The forex industry has experienced a phenomenal amount of growth over the past years and with that growth comes a growth in the peripheral businesses, such as those companies and people operating forex trading courses. The many different methods of trading forex makes trading courses not only many but greatly varied. Some may concentrate on charting alone, or technical analysis, whereas others will concentrate on news items and other world events influencing the price of currencies – or fundamental analysis.

Some forex trading courses will concentrate on one type of analysis, and others will largely make this redundant by concentrating on how to use a particular type of charting platform together with what are called indicators, or special programs which are designed to look at certain patterns in the fluctuation of prices in an attempt to read future behavior of the price. Many courses will assume prior knowledge of certain elements of forex, and others will be ideal for the beginning forex trader. The good news though is that whatever your knowledge level and preferred trading method, there is a forex trading course that suits you – just look and ask questions. Enjoy!