The sheer amount of forex trading courses available on the market is extraordinary, and can be so overwhelming to someone just starting out in currency trading. It's true that there are some great courses out there that will teach you certain strategies to implement in your trading, and each course will have its own unique method of teaching you what you need to know. I will not be telling you which course you should do, so if that's why you're reading, sorry I can't help you. I will not recommend a forex trading course to someone I don't know because I don't know your knowledge level, your trading psychology, your goals, or how much time you have available to trade.

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All the above things are very important, but most of all let me talk to you about why a trading course is a great idea if you plan on trading forex. If you're new to trading generally, forex is a little scary to some – but it just looks that way. Traders like to use a lot of jargon and shorthand, that's like any industry really. If you have some trading experience, like with eminis, stocks, bonds or other traded instruments you'll easily be able to transfer your current knowledge over to the foreign currency market. This differing skill level is the reason why no one course is the best one for every trader.

There are plenty of courses out there – some free, most will cost you money though. That's not always going to be a bad thing though – If I receive a product I am happy with then I am happy to part with money for it. What I struggle with is the vast amount of material out there that people pay for (and yes I am talking about forex trading courses) that are outdated, in some cases incorrect, and in a lot of cases, cobbled together versions of someone else's material.

This is not to say that there aren't trading courses out there that are fantastic – because there are. I'll tell you how I found the course that I was most happy with, and still refer to regularly every day. I searched on forums for free information on learning to trade forex, then I found a style of trading that suited me, then I found a course that taught that style, for a price I was happy with, that offered support, and most importantly a money back guarantee.

Anyhow – forex trading courses are worth doing – and sometimes you can get a lot of fantastic information for free – you just have to sort the wheat from the chaff as the saying goes. Once you have gathered some of that free information though, I would highly recommend you seek out a course that suits your personality, goals and trading style – all of which will become apparent as you learn more about forex. Enjoy!