For years, people have disregarded ways in which to improve eyesight naturally and have opted for the solution of corrective lenses.  While many people suffer from poor vision to a degree that glasses are essential, there are many more who have followed the advice of the doctor and invested in a pair of eyeglasses to help them see more clearly.  This has led to a great amount of profit for the ophthalmologists who are able to prescribe very weak lenses to correct vision which – with a few exercises and a change in diet – would have had a very high chance of successfully being corrected naturally.

So unless you are virtually blind without your glasses or contacts, there are a few ways to improve eyesight naturally.  The best thing you can do to begin to improve your vision is to make a few changes to your diet.  Adding more green, leafy vegetables to your daily food intake is a great way to get special nutrients your eyes need to protect them from retina deterioration and cataracts.  Very present in foods like spinach and collard greens are omnipotent nutrients called carotenoids, which are extremely beneficial to the eyes and their long-term state of health.

Eggs and Avocados are a delicious and healthy addition to your diet that provides the same type of nutrients found in broccoli, and other greens.  Not only does avocado have similar properties as the green vegetables, they also contain a unique ability to help the body extract even more vital nutrients out of the rest of your eye-aiding diet.  If you are going to enjoy a glass of wine or champagne with your meal, switch to red wine, as it contains flavonoids.   These nutrients play a large role in protecting the blood vessels in the eyes.

If you are not able or willing to change your eating habits to include more eyesight promoting nutrients, you may find that herbal supplements are a fair solution.  A daily intake of Vitamins C and E can go a long way in maintaining and correcting good eyesight.  Other extremely beneficial natural herbs include bilberry extract, ginkgo biloba, and mahonia grape extract.  These herbs all play a part in increasing night visibility, protecting from retina deterioration, improving blood flow to vessels, and protecting against harmful UV sun rays.

None of these dietary supplements or additions to a healthy diet are meant to deter you from keeping in contact with your eye doctor.  They are, however, meant to provide you with alternatives to the cost of maintaining glasses or contacts.  If you already wear glasses or contacts, try taking them away from your eyes for a few hours a day as you are increasing your intake of eyesight promoting foods or supplements.  Most likely, you will find that – since your eyes have become accustomed to seeing more clearly with help – it is easier to focus them to see that way without help.  The eye is an amazing organ that has the power to correct itself with just a little help from you.  There are plenty of ways to improve eyesight naturally so do not give up hope!