Now everyone knows in this current economic climate that getting a job is difficult.

But no-one knows this better than students.

Where students are now leaving university in 2011 to face 'intense competition' with a recent survey indicating that there is a thirty three percent increase on top of the already ridiculously high application ratio, seventy to one.

However, to all those who lost out on getting a graduate job, it can feel like all that effort into a degree has been wasted.

Perhaps this could be your answer.

Enter: InfoBarrel

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I am going to present how InfoBarrel can actually be a viable alternative.

The average UK graduate salary is just below £25,000 a year, but we will round it up to keep the numbers nice.

So using my InfoBarrel statistics of The Long Term Goal: Retire On InfoBarrel.

"$15 per 1000 views, and that you get four views per article per day."

First I will do the conversion of pounds into dollars.

Today that currently reads as £25,000 = $40,975.

Again to round it off we can call it at $41,000.

So how many  views do I need to hit $41,000 per year.

We can do this by simply dividing 41,000 divided by 15 and then multiplying it by a 1,000.

This works out to be around 2,720,000 views a year.

Seems big .. but you are forgetting two things.

First that we need to divide this number by 365 (as it is a yearly figure).

So this takes us to around 8,000 views per day.

But this is a daily viewing figure, so we need to then divide it by four to calculate how many articles that we need to produce. 

We then need to produce roughly just under 2,000 articles to hit a graduate salary.

Now that might seem a lot ... well it isn't.

As soon as you start university for three years (which is 3 times 365 days = 1,095 days).

If you just write two articles a day you should be going beyond your 2000 target and then ultimately ending up with the above average graduate salary wage, upon graduation.

But wait there's more ....

You aren't even having to work for your graduate salary, as the income is entirely passive, meaning that you are earning from your articles without additional effort.

Where as with a job you are having to go to work nine to five.

You are flexible - you can work when you want, where you want - all you need is you, access to the internet and a laptop.

You have set your 2000 articles and now you can live from them.

Then if you want a bonus, you can make your own bonus by simply writing more articles.

You aren't relying on one income source, you are relying on 2000, compared to a job where you are just the one and all it takes is two words for you to lose that source.

"You're fired!"

And your degree has come in to use really well, you will probably use it for inspiration for most of your articles, that you are going to write on InfoBarrel and you will become a better writer as a result of your higher education.

InfoBarrel can also be used as a form of revision - like being paid to revise

Good Luck with InfoBarrel.