Going to the Gym sucks!

Ok I admit it! I'm no fitness guru or sports fanatic. I'm more of a couch potato, bookworm but even I can tell I need to exercise. The tummy's getting rounder, clothing is shrinking and they seem to have added an extra flight of stairs to our unit block. I need to exercise but I hate going to the Gym or classes. Now I'm not saying everyone should quit going to the Gym. My hat goes off to those dedicated Gym Junkies who have the passion and commitment to keep going!

 So what are my alternatives? An encouraging friend at work recently suggested the book "You Are Your Own Gym" by Mark Lauren. This ground breaking book suggests that we can get enough exercise at home in just 20 minutes doing push-ups, crunches and Burpees (oops...pardon) in the comfort of the living room. Mr Lauren is a NO EXCUSES kind of guy and suggests we do the same - NO EXCUSES! With his suggestions he shows us how to workout at home. I think I can find 20 minutes because I know I can waste up to 20 hours a week watching repeats on TV! Where is that getting me? Nowhere fast!

But you can also waste 20 minutes just by getting ready to go to a gym or a class. Changing clothes, driving to the workout, finding parking, paying for the class and blah blah blah it takes forever. Not anymore! With working out at home I can just stop what I'm doing and workout now! Amazing how much time is saved for a quality workout.

So what other options are there? Bodyrock.tv is a great website that publishes 15 minutes work out  videos DAILY. Follow along at your own leisure wherever you have Internet access. NO EXCUSES! With the new smart phone technology these days you could watch one of these videos anytime, anyplace it's a that simple and once again that easy! I've embedded a recent example at the bottom of this article.

These workouts are FREE! No fees, subscriptions, clothing or even petrol for that matter! It's a home workout revolution people!

One more option you might not thought about. Your public library has a selection of workout DVD's  and books also freely available.

I hope I've in some way inspired you to think about this new trend. The workout at home revolution is a NO EXCUSES! (there I go again) way to keep yourself happy and healthy. Now drop and give me 20! Good luck!


Example Clip from Bodyrock.tv