No Need to Remember Password

Roboform the Answer

What in the world is Roboform? Computer users tired of having to keep track of what seems like zillions of passwords listen up. Roboform is a fantastic program that “puts all of your passwords on speed dial” according to the company promo. The pro version of the program is under ten dollars, and it is the best ten-spot the frequent computer user can invest.

Keyboard Upclose

What does it do? The main selling feature is the software allowing the user to log into websites automatically without remembering or entering   passwords. Initally the user simply goes to their website  of choice and logs in using their password as usual. Roboform remembers that website address AND password after that intial login. From that point on the user goes directly to the site without having to enter the password.  Storage of all logins is in one place, so there is no need to remember website addresses or passwords at all. Think of the user who daily logs into Amazon, Ebay, Facebook, Twitter, Google, My Space, Netflix, Twitter, Wikipedia, a work email account, Salesforce, and Yahoo! The process is impressive as the user goes directly to favorite sites easily and seamlessly!

Another trendy job handled by Roboform is filling out forms. Anytime there is a form needing completion on the screen, a push of a button automatically populates that form. The user first enters all relevant information typically called for on forms into a Roboform file. A single click then fills out forms including credit card information if the user desires. Think of the time this saves in placing online shopping orders. 

Safenotes is a piece of the program that just saves pertinent information on any topic for the user. It is a perfect place to store credit card numbers, frequent traveler numbers, or just notes in general.

Roboform would not qualify as new technology ready if it did not work across devices, and so of course, it does! Access is available from a PC desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Passwords are automatically synced between devices.

The program uses the strongest possible encryption. Fortune 500 companies and the United States government use the program. Roboform is a must for anyone spending time logging into online sites.  Happy clicking!