Many people are trying to find an easy way to lose weight and diet is a big factor in the equation. Unfortunately diet is not the only factor in predicting good health. Exercise can be just as important, especially when it comes to building your cardiovascular strength. Popular belief states that long term exercise is better than short intensive exercise but research data is now starting to show the opposite.

Well it turned out that during very short bursts of high intensity exercise of only 10-20 minutes can be much better than exercise that takes more than 30 minutes with low intensity.

This kind of exercise is called HIIT (High intensity interval training) and is based on full capacity, intensity bursts followed by a period of low activity in intervals.

exerciseCredit: creative common

Figure 1: Exercise (credit: Creative commons)

Now All Mainstreams Doctor Admit Short Term Intensity Exercise Gives Better Results Than Long Term

When any doctor gives you a doctor’s advice they will all base themselves on the Cochrane Library. This library is used by doctors to form an independent true conclusion on unbiased data.

All Cochrane studies have been approved and used by all doctors in the world and can be considered as the 'Bible for Doctors' therefore the study used to backup this article is with verifiable and a trustable source. (To see the study reference look below)

Long Term Health Benefits

The study I discussed earlier followed older type II diabetic people for eight weeks on a HIIT program. The results were simply put amazing;

  • Abdominal fat decreased by 44 percent
  • Visceral fat decreased by 48 percent
  • Subcutaneous fat decreased by 18 percent

Another amazing part of the study was that the aerobic fitness increased, skeletal muscle development improved and glucose sensitivity was lowered. 

How To Start HIIT Training 

Following HIIT can be so easy that you might even want to abandon your Gym subscription. All you need is around 10 to 20 minutes a day. There is a lot of variations but the idea is that during your burst session you give everything you got. Swimming is the best idea but even running or riding a bike is just as useful. During the 20 minutes of workout you should

try to aim for 4-5 sessions in between resting intervals. In these sessions you sprint, ride or swim as fast as possible.

An example schedule that you can follow is:


  • 1-3 min: HIIT 
  • 3-5 min: recover 
  • 5-8 min: HIIT 
  • 8-10 min: recover 
  • 10-.. min: HIIT



 For the last part I try to give basicly everything I got, this means swimming until I can’t do anymore. This seems counteractive but during your sleep you will build a stronger body.

There is absolutely no need to run more than 30 min to build a physique, 20 min HIIT is more than enough.



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