We all have fallen in love at some point of our life.  Some have had good experiences while some had bad experiences. But forgetting some one you have truly loved is the toughest job a person has to do. Life does not always give chances to every one but if you are lucky enough, you will be given a chance which you must seize.

For some reason or the other, many happy couples have break ups and through out their lives, they keep looking for ways to forget them. But trust me, trying to forget a person you love is like trying to recall someone you have never known. It is almost impossible. However, there are many ways in which you can at least try to forget them.  After reading my article, you will have many options before you are the one to figure out what you really want.

My first advice is a little tough at the beginning, however later on it might ease down a bit. You need to accept the fact that the person you love is no longer yours. There are many amongst us who cannot over come the fact of being left by their lovers. To such people, living a life in reality becomes very tough because they are used to a life in which they are always with some, a life in which they have some one to take care of them. In reality, we all are alone. So the sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you start overcoming the grief.

Second advice is that when you over come the fact that you lover has left you, you need to decide upon something. Figuring what you really want is the most basic thing. You need to understand whether you want to forget him or her completely or you want to live life with their memories. Once if you have made up your mind to forget him completely, then perhaps you will succeed in forgetting him. On the other hand, if you chose to live with his memories, then you must be very strong mentally and be prepared to be hurt. It isn’t easy. You might have to see him with someone else and yet love him. Many people fail to do that, thus trying to forget someone you love is a way better decision. It hampers your life less.


Ways in which you can forget your loved one:

Keep yourself as busy as you can. Keep your self involved in some work, both mentally and physically. If you think you can, then take extra work to keep yourself occupied. At the end of the day, you will be too tired to even think of him. You will just return home and fall asleep, so always keep yourself occupied with work

Love yourself. It is said that no one can love yourself more than you. So go on and pamper yourself. Do things you like. Go out with friends, take vacations, go for picnics or do other things which keep you happy. For girls, shopping is the best way to relax your self. Read books you like, watch films, randomly talk to people around you. Guys can just go for drives, hangout with their friends. Trust me, there’s no better cure than this.

Remove things that remind you of him/her. Remove all pictures of your loved one. One of the best ways to do this is to collect all their pictures, love letters and cards in one place and then burn the whole lot. In this way, you will never be haunted of his memories by merely looking at something. You can give away other gift materials which you might have exchanged or been gifted by him. Give away the sweet and cute teddy bears and other things like those. Keeping these things will not make it an easy for you to forget him.

At first doing all this will be very tough. You might tear the love letters you’ve exchanged and later fix them with cello tapes. Even though all this is tough, remember that you have to live and that life has to move on. Therefore, keep convincing yourself that you need to forget him. 

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